Preserve Pine Lake's last 10 Acre Parcel!

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We, the undersigned, are petitioning for the preservation of the ten acre lot across from Middle Island’s Pine Lake, the last remaining "open space" parcel in the immediate and historic lake area, which recently went up for sale as MLS# 2927776. 

This land, located opposite of the lake on Church Lane in the Pine Barrens Compatible Growth Area, has served as a safe-haven for at least three, healthy rafters of turkey (including TWO, rare and beautiful smoke-phase turkeys!!) as well as a good-sized herd of deer.  Additionally, there are eastern box turtles, great horned owls (the first we've had in at least the last ten years), and bats inhabiting the property.  Heron, egrets, osprey, and ducks also frequent this wooded parcel.  More than likely, a good search would also turn up endangered and/or threatened botanical species. 

Once this property is developed, there will be no safe, wild habitat adjacent to Pine Lake for these animals.  Additionally, the development of this property may compromise threatened/endangered species, negatively affect the aesthetic quality of the lake, and harm the health of the lake itself.

It is also worth mentioning that this parcel, previously undeveloped, was once part of the historic Swezey homestead and may even contain historic foundations, artifacts, and other items of historical value.

Finally, the property itself is situated in a DEC freshwater check zone as well as in Hydrogeological Zone III, a Deep Recharge Basin for Long Islands SOLE aquifer.  The trees on this parcel help to filter rain through to the water table, keeping our DRINKING water healthy and also keeping the lake, which is fed by this water table, healthy.  Moreover, during the past few years, we have been experiencing a drought in this area, and water levels for this spring-fed lake are dropping due to decreased amounts of water being filtered into the ground.  Developing these woodlands will not only exacerbate this problem by prohibiting maximum water table recharge, but it will also enable increased amounts of storm water run-off to pollute the lake. 

For these reasons, we are against the development of this last lake-side undeveloped tract. Developing this 10 acre parcel would negatively impact the ecological progress the once-compromised Pine Lake has seen over the past few years, notwithstanding the fact that it would also cause deer to be pushed more frequently into the streets (becoming hazardous), and it would lead to an increase in the amount of deer that forage in neighboring yards, thereby becoming a greater nuisance due to limited local natural feeding areas.  We also wish to preserve the historical and natural beauty of our neighborhood and to protect our groundwater, which directly affects the health of the lake itself

Since the builder does not yet have the permits necessary to sell this property, we believe that the Town of Brookhaven and Suffolk County should act now to preserve the entire 10-acre parcel.  This would be an excellent addition to the already-owned town dock, and could even help create a greenbelt between northern Middle Island and Cathedral Pines.