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Stop Proposed "Sex-Positive" Venue from Opening in the Tacony Neighborhood of Philadelphia

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Deborah Rose Hinchey is planning to open the city's first sex-positive community center — a members-only gathering place for people interested in sexual exploration. She is adamant the community center that her group is planning to open in Northeast Philadelphia is not a sex club.

Excerpt from an article by Tommy Rowan, Staff Writer for You can read the article in its entirety here.

  • So, to be clear, there will be no sex at this social club?
  • Hinchey paused.
  • "If people want to engage in sexual behavior in our space, in the safety- and consent-driven culture that we're trying to create, then we would prefer they do it there than in what has largely been a world of marginalized alternative-sexual communities," she said. "Yes, occasionally there will be people who have sex."
  • So it's a sex club?
  • "It's not a sex club."

First off, I must state that I do not have an issue with any lifestyle that an individual chooses to follow. With that stated, we cannot allow this to venue to open. This particular building has a daycare facility on the first floor. Also, right across the street there is another daycare / After School facility. My oldest son attends the After School facility across the street along with many other children from the neighborhood schools.

There is a potential issue of the "activities" in the building eventually moving outside of the building onto the street. A swinger's club attempted to open in the area, which was out of sight, unlike this building. Thankfully, City Councilman Bobby Henon was able to shut down that idea fast. These venues may not be the same exact ideas, but they are close enough in my opinion. Plus God forbid if someone wanted to do harm to the building and/or to the people inside that could potentially put the children in danger at the daycare and After School facilities.

The most upsetting is the organization did not make an effort to talk to the community about its plans for the historic Tacony Music Hall. As written in the article, The Tacony Civic Association only heard about the plan after the group applied for a variance to allow live entertainment for more than 50 people. This makes me feel like they were trying to go unnoticed and that does not sit right with other parents and myself. 

It is not that I do not support the concept of this organization as I believe it is a great idea, however the location is not ideal. I would prefer it be opened in an area where no childcare facilities or schools are located. I believe a compromise of the location should be acceptable for all parties involved.

I am hoping by parents and neighbors signing this petition we can prevent this venue from opening in this particular area for the simple reason of protecting our children. I hope that City Councilman Bobby Henon and The Tacony Civic Association will back this petition as well.

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