MCPS Must Adhere To Their Own Rules!

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Dear MCPS Community:

After reviewing the documentation received and public information from Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), the Board of Directors of the Farmland Child Development Center (CDC) have determined that the County implemented a deeply flawed process in selecting and reviewing childcare organizations.  The board started this petition and ask that all MCPS parents take a moment to sign as the intentional disregard for required processes is a county wide problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Processes and procedures are in place to protect our children and to guarantee that they are given the services and rights that they deserve.  If management staff and executives in the MCPS system do not abide strictly to these rules, our children's rights are at stake. Based upon the substantial concerns expressed thus far, the Board feels it is imperative to address quickly and forcefully any possibility that there is a pattern or practice of legal and regulatory infractions impacting our community. Although the specific issue stated below may not concern you, we have cast a wide net as it has come to our attention that the overall compliance issue is rampant and concerns the entire MCPS community. 


This petition is in response to the influx of emails and phone calls we have received expressing concerns regarding the email from the Office of Community Use of Public Facilities and school officials stating that CDC will no longer be permitted to operate at Wayside and will be replaced by a for-profit daycare organization.

We understand that the safety and happiness of your children are your top priority as is ours. Based on the common perception communicated that the Wayside community, specifically CDC parents, were shocked by the news and collectively felt uninformed and left “out of the loop”, the CDC Board held a special meeting to review the process to determine if there are grounds for an appeal.  After an extensive review, we have determined that there are substantial grounds for an appeal. There are a three key areas where the County failed to maintain the integrity of the process:

Lack of access to the process
Errors in procedural requirements

We hope that this petition will serve as a “wake up call” to the County, ensuring that the County and its public officials adhere strictly to all applicable processes and procedures promulgated to ensure the integrity of the process and, more importantly, the safety and well-being of our children. 

Lastly, we invite you to attend a town hall meeting to discuss theses points, the implications of this decision and to determine if there is sufficient support for this motion to move forward. 

Town Hall Meeting: Thursday, May 3rd, 2018 Potomac Community Center


CDC Board of Directors