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Save Pevensey Bay from the Developers—Stop the planners from approving this building

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Wealden District Council
Application number : WD/2017/0060/F
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Help Us Save Pevensey Bay from the Developers—Stop the planners from approving this three storey monstrous building at the heart of the community.

The essential character of our community is under threat. We want to stop this three storey monstrous building from being built on the site where the character property, the Beach Tavern, now stands, once the home of the Honeypot Tea Rooms for over fifty years. The building is of historical note. Tea was served here as early as 1906.

We believe that if this three story, eight luxury flat complex goes ahead that a cornerstone part of the essential eclectic character of Pevensey Bay, that at least three generations of residents and visitors to the Bay have known and loved, will be destroyed forever.

We believe that if this building goes ahead that it could become the tipping point in the fortunes of Pevensey Bay, as an identifiable hidden gem in the crown of Sussex.

To the residents of Pevensey Bay, the shock of seeing what is planned, with a building that will dominate their lives every day that they shop, eat, talk, live and love, has been marked. One lady that spoke about the issue, as the news emerged, was in a genuine state of shock.

I am asking you to sign this petition to help save the unique vernacular values that represent Pevensey Bay, together with the unusual varied architecture, values that can be identified since the first horse and cart brought visitors to the Bay as early as 1820.

I showed this plan of the building that will rise above the end of the Eastbourne Road to my 87 year old mother, a resident of Pevensey Bay for 11 years. I asked her what she thought of what she saw.

I wrote down her words exactly as she spoke them.

Please help us to save Pevensey Bay from the developers. Help us protect and preserve our 200 year old history to keep, maintain and progress the essential character of our community.

Thank you for signing this petition.
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These are the words of Pauline Montgomery (my 87 year old mother), seeing what she saw with this picture, as she spoke the words.

"As you go up to the traffic lights that is what will face you. There is nothing wrong with those buildings they are just in the wrong place, isn't that shocking?

"Where is the sympathy, there is nothing I would say, this is genuinely shocking. Is this what they are planning, those two big blocks like that, three storeys? People coming in for the sunshine and the village seaside on their way to the beach and this is what they will be seeing, ruins the approach into the seaside village from the outside, well I would say it is horrific.

"The planners won't let that through will they? Surely not. It is just like a big full stop. You can not believe what you are seeing can you? Well well well, I am genuinely shocked. They would have their consciences forever if they let that through.

"Pevensey Bay has got a character, it will destroy the character completely, particularly as it is at a dead end, it is blocking an exit. It is just a big full stop at the end of the village. If the intention is to sell these flats then there will be a high price as holiday lets, that is not going to help the young people to be able to buy at all is it?

"I do not think it has anything in its favour at all. Once that it is there, there is nothing that can be done about it. It can't be undone".

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