Rebuild burpengary skate park

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My family has lived in this community for 17 years from when my two eldest were only 7 and a new born and have seen a lot of change except for the Burpengary Skate park which is in need of an overhaul. With the amount of children coming to this park to learn to skate, ride or use their scooters is amazing but.......there needs to be an upgrade including proper lighting, security cameras and being undercover. It has gone downhill from years ago so something needs to be done. Burpengary is becoming a busy part of town so upgrading the area including the skate park makes a lot of sense. With the amount of kids now compared to at least 5 years ago it's certainly not big enough and there is plenty of room on the right side looking into the park for it to be expanded. We want to encourage our children to play outside, enjoy good weather instead of staying inside being couch potatoes. Getting these kids off their butts and outside to a more efficient and enjoyable park and somewhere where families can enjoy watching their kids. With the added food stores, why not put money towards this for a better community gathering

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