Save Our School- Llanbedr CIW is under the threat of closure and we need your help.

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Llanbedr Church in Wales is beautiful rural school in the heart of Llanbedr village, it serves as a hub for the wider community as well as delivering an excellent educational environment for 49 local pupils.

Founded in 1728 this amazing school has welcomed children through its doors for many years, but this maybe about to change. 

On Monday 1st February 2021 the parents of this school received the devastating news that the school is to close permanently if the plans put in place by Powys County Council are to go ahead.

We are a school that has been at the heart of this village for many years and supports the wider community with its fundraising, charity auctions, fetes, firework displays, coffee mornings and a whole lot more.

We also run a mother and baby group called “ Tots and Tiddlers” which I myself found invaluable when I moved here 4 1/2 years ago with a young son, I have also met many wonderful people and friends due to this facility.

For all these reasons and a million more if we were to close, it would not only effect the pupils, parents and teachers but would also have a massive impact on the wider community too.

We also have the worry of how this will impact on our childrens mental health and wellbeing, we feel that the timing of this announcement is truly awful and has been taken with no consideration.

We have all been working extremely hard in unprecedented times during a Global Pandemic to ensure our little ones are not badly effected by the goings on in the world around them, so now not only are they dealing with this but when they return to their normal classroom environment, they will then be told there are plans in place to close it. 

So this is the point in which I and every parent at this school ask for your help, ex pupils, friends, family, members of our community, anyone who is touched by our story and wants our children to stay in this wonderful environment and for Llanbedr CIW School to remain open then please SIGN THIS PETITION.