Hayling Sewage Watch: Hayling beaches need real-time SEWAGE pollution WARNINGS!

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After moderate or heavy periods of rain thousands of tons of water containing raw, untreated sewage is released into Chichester and Langstone harbours.  

During the summer of 2020 while at Beachlands a Blue Flag was flying to indicate excellent water quality, Hayling Sewage Watch’s water testing (after rainfall) revealed shocking levels of sewage bacteria. These were often much worse than the levels that are considered to be unacceptable for safe swimming. The Environment Agency say that water remains unsafe for 72 hours after a discharge of faeces-laden stormwater.

We believe that this is unacceptable contamination of our harbours and sea. Please sign this petition to demand that Havant Borough Council discuss the funding of essential signage to warn water users of pollution levels in real time.

The company responsible for this sewage-laden rain water pollution, Southern Water, has created the Beachbuoy app which uses a traffic light system to indicate risk levels of sewage contamination in bathing spots. 

To promote this information, we would like Havant Borough Council to fund electronic screens (similar to those found at bus stops) to display real-time Beachbuoy warnings at the car park entrances to West Beachlands and Central Beachlands (our Blue Flag beach). This would ensure that all visitors are warned appropriately about potential health risks from sewage.

Contact with water containing high levels of sewage can lead to skin rashes, disease and infections. Swallowing contaminated water can lead to gastrointestinal infection such as nausea, diarrhoea and vomiting. 

If you would like to express your personal views on water safety warnings and signage please email the leader of the Havant Borough Council Cllr. Michael Wilson (michael.wilson@havant.gov.uk)