Make Newport council see that Tredegar Park needs saving! We want the park great again!

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Please help make Newport council see that it is not acceptable to have Tredegar Park in the poor standard it is at the moment.
I just think as a city we need a splash park again and better facilities for our children... especially operational toilets!
You never know we may make a difference by next summer... Power to the people and all that!

On Friday 21st of August I had to leave Tredegar Park at 11.40 because the toilets were closed. By this point the park was very busy with families and dog walkers and my 8 year old daughter needed the toilet. My youngest daughter is pancreatic insufficient and has Cystic Fibrosis, this causes her to need the toilet more frequently. I do not want any of my children having to squat behind a tree...1. for their dignity and 2. you just don't know whose watching! I just believe the toilets should be opened when the park gates are opened and it's our councils duty of care to provide this basic provision! It is unsanitary to have human wee and faeces in the park due to the toilets closure in the mornings and is not acceptable, especially in the high peak summer season. It's giving adults and children the same dignity as an animal and its discrimination! What about adults/children with disabilities too? its not just physical disabilities, its the hidden disabilities too like CF, Autism, Chrohn's, Coeliac, IBS or if anyone just cant wait! I don't want this for any of my children as I'm sure you wouldn't want either!

Tredegar Park is now in a sorry state, especially the old splash park, which is a derelict mess. The pipes were never maintained properly and instead of correcting the faults, it was just left to ruin!

Newport has nothing like a splash park to offer our younger children and I feel it's important that the council steps up and begins to care!

Help me to spread my concerns and hopefully the council will take notice and make Tredegar Park a fun and safe environment for our children once more!