READING BETWEEN THE LIMES: The Petition of local artists in Waltham Forest

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Summary: Local artists request that Waltham Forest Council, reconsider their original decision, to fell 81 trees in our town centre, and revise this to ensure the survival of these trees, which are a public amenity.  

The issue: Local artists in Waltham Forest declare 81 mainly mature, healthy trees proposed for felling, as part of the proposed redevelopment of The Mall in Walthamstow town centre, should not be felled.

Take action! An independent Arboricultural Report (August 2018) has questioned this decision and stressed that the Council’s plan to plant new trees can never be an equivalent to removing a mature tree. “The ecosystem services of carbon capture, pollution mitigation, shading, air cooling, wind break, flood control, etc. are all vastly greater with a big old tree than any new planting. Replacement, if it is to mean equivalence, would require a planting ratio in the order of 100:1, and even then many benefits would still be missing for decades to come”.