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Make Cyclists Accountable on Toronto Roads

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Cycling is great for Toronto.  It's great for the environment, people's health and people's souls.  What isn't great are the cyclists that ignore the laws that govern the safety of those that share the roads and sidewalks with them.  And there is no way to make them accountable.


  • Drivers pay an annual licensing fee of approximately $80 on top of the initial knowledge and road testing fees of $150.  
  • Toronto requires pet owners to pay an annual licensing fee of up to $60.  All they use are dog parks which are few and far between.  
  • Toronto is spending time on by-laws regarding dog aggression which apparently had 248 reported cases in the previous year.  
  • However, according to the City of Toronto's Pedestrian and Cycle Safety Report 2015, between 2008-2012 there were FIVE TIMES the number of cyclists injured (vs. dog bites) as a result of a collision with a motor vehicle but there's no discussion on improving cycling education or adding more vigorous by-laws to reduce these stats.  (over 5,000 injuries between 2008-2012).
  • $4.9M is being invested in bike sharing and docking stations not to mention the millions in infrastructure to build more bike lanes.
  • Drivers without seat belts pay a fine of approximately $200.  Cyclists without helmets pay $0.
  • Drivers get 3 demerit points for failing to stop at a stop sign, as well as a ticket.  Cyclists can get a ticket but have you ever seen them?  


Drivers and cyclists have a responsibility to each other and pedestrians.  We are handling vehicles that can cause harm to others.  My own mother fell on the ground because of a bike that didn't stop at a stop sign.  I saw a mother with a stroller almost have a speeding bike bash into her at a cross walk where she clearly had the right of way.  Another cyclist made an illegal left hand turn from the right lane and cut off a car.  This needs to stop.

I support more bikes and bike lanes.  What I would like all of us to support is shared accountability for the safety of our roads.

Please sign this petition which will be forwarded to Councillor Cesar Palacio.

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