Council Rock SD STOP Redistricting & Change Guidelines For Balance

Council Rock SD STOP Redistricting & Change Guidelines For Balance

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Council Rock Parents Requesting Plan Modification started this petition to Council Rock School Board and Administration

A new vision is needed for balance and opportunity within the Council Rock School District. The redistricting plan before the Board is too disruptive and CRSD may need to redistrict again inside 5 years due to growth in South outpacing space. Holland MS will remain in mid to high 90% utilization even after execution of the current plan with no classroom flexibility for administration forward-looking.

What We Propose:

  1. Stop current redistricting plan proposal
  2. Void restrictive CRSD Boards redistricting "guidelines" that handcuff the administration.
  3. Expand Rolling Hills ES (RHE) total classrooms as needed during already planned construction to produce an expanded school providing greater classroom flexibility in South.
  4. Move forward with relocation of RHE students to Richboro MS for duration of RHE construction
  5. Flip Richboro Elementary School from South to North Effective 2019-2020

What This Plan Does:

This plan flips RES in 2019-20 and in so doing immediately solves the imbalance to the North. It redistricts a fraction, if any, elementary level kids based on administrations directives for class size / utilization after running their numbers on same.

Flipping ~80% attending RES North (some will shift to other schools) empowers administration to mitigate student needs for a much smaller more concentrated number of kids versus hundreds and hundreds across dozens of locations.

This additionally solves the near-term problem of South growth outpacing the planned redistricting (which was dramatically reduced) and the lack of North moves may necessitate a SECOND redistricting North in less than 5 years.

Cropper and CRSD Administration have established a growth rate of 3.5% in the South Feeder. (We used 2.5% and that means approx 7 NEW students per grade level per year growth) plus a major housing development has been granted approval for more growth. (estimated 35-80 students). We see 7 new homes on New Rd.

This plan provides expanded classroom availability for the future in the North as well as the South.

The growing South feeder will need more classrooms (which we would not have with the current proposal)

PLUS the North has ZERO open classroom capacity after the current plan is executed.

Should any development in North occur the administration has no flexibility (no classrooms) so a redistricting would AGAIN be needed. (more disruption)

What If We Keep The Current Proposal?

Holland Middle School will be post Board plan at mid-high 90% utilization increasing the likelihood of a FOLLOW redistricting may be required within 24-48 months due to South growth and Spring Mills.

A follow redistricting in 2-4 years would near certainly encompass the areas behind Shop n Bag Manor, Highland, Meadow, Sunset, etc... as they are geographically next because the current plan commits to Northampton side for all future pulls.

Unfortunately, with the Boards proposal they may well have maxed schools in the North and South with no options for the future. So another major redistricting could encompass multiple schools and involve the proposed flip to expand North feeder classroom availability. But we wouldn't have RHE in development that time.

What If We Flip RES Per This Petition?

This solves for the foreseeable future any need to balance North v South. It also provides CRSD Administration with additional facilities at minimal (relative) cost (5 or more rooms onto an already planned new school) for current and future school needs (for example in 1980 schools didn't need computer rooms) and gives administration flexibility.

None of the hundreds of families with planned impact get impacted and only forward-looking graduates of RES see change.


  • Very Limited Movement of Children
  • Less Exposure to Adversity For Children
  • More Flexibility for Administration
  • More Facilities For Administration
  • Better Allocation of Classrooms
  • Long-Term Student Allocation Solution
  • Removes Concern about Lesser Services For South Children Faster
  • RHE is already going to be rebuilt
  • RMS is already ready for students and very large


  • Added Cost To RHE Remodel
  • Possible Added Timeframe For RHE Remodel

In Summary

We believe breaking the Boards outdated guidelines provides a wider range of options for the public to consider versus moving on a plan which we already know disrupts lots of families and likely will need to be redone inside 5 years.

This could really help solve the balance / lack of program availability in just one school year while impacting very few children and creating a viable long term plan for CRSD to provide excellent result for our children. It allows CRSD Administration flexibility to plan in the North and South.

*This plan is a guideline there are plenty of details that can't be documented in a petition. This was submitted to administration prior to being made into a petition with no response. While you may or may not agree with the plan it is our belief that the Boards guidelines which restrict such outside the box thinking is a core problem.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!