Stop Animal Cruelty and Abuse in China

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   Animals have been with us since the beginning of time. They have lived amongst side of us for centuries either in the wild or domesticated. Being so a part of our lives, it would be hard to see the world without them. After years of research, humans discovered that a majority of animal species are not as different from us as they seem, in the way that they can feel emotions like we do and pain as we do too. Developing a sense of respect for animals, we have as a community treated them with consideration and have given animals rights like humans. Over time we have developed a sense of love for animals as well, loving them as much as loving ourselves, even driving us to not include meat in our diets. This love is not shared by all as some in the world choose to believe that animals are the less dominant species compared to us mankind, therefore reasonable to treat them inhumanely.

    Whilst in most parts of the world, animals are protected under laws and policies, in China that is not the case. Among the top 10 most industrialized nations, China is the only one that does not have a law against animal cruelty. This is surprising as the rapid development of China in the last few decades should have ensured that the issue of animal protection is brought up at least once. And at least twice it has, once in 2006, when Zhou Ping of the National People's Congress introduced a proposal for a nationwide animal-protection law in China, and second in September 2009, when the first comprehensive Animal protection law of the People's Republic of China was drafted, both ended up not brought into real consideration and left behind by the leaders. The lack of laws prohibiting animal abuse and animal protection has caused countless sadistic stories of animal cruelty to occur all over China. The news articles and stories are so horrendous, many include graphic images and videos displaying the acts of cruelty. Some existing examples of cases of animal abuse and cruelty include the Yin Yang fish, being deep-fried while it is still alive, some food markets in China include live animals, such as live scorpions, in Beijing, vendors sell fish, turtles, and amphibians as key rings and mobile-phone decorations and also stories of two dogs being boiled alive for the taste of adrenaline-soaked meat.The actions of such brutally were only met with minimal punishments such as fines instead of serving prison time and probation which would be the consequences of animal abuse in any other country. This has been met with outrage from the rest of the world and animal-rights activists in China either verbally or online. Protest, group lobbying, and public speeches have taken place all over China by animal-rights activist expressing their anger on this issue. Although they are noticed by the government, media and animal abusers, the issue has no been defused yet as no legal action has taken place yet. As a person who has first hand witnessed animal abuse in China, I am not willing to stay silent and allow such cruelty take place.

    It was at a new years flea market where I first witnessed the acts of animal cruelty. There were hundreds of stands lined on the sides of the street selling various items ranging from cheap souvenirs to cooking tools. However, at the entrance of the market, there was a large crowd surrounding a single stand. Curious to find out what the fuss was about, I walked over to peek at what product the vendors were selling that attracted so much attention. It turned out that the stand was hosting a carnival game of sorts requiring participants to throw a ring around caged bunnies and birds on the floor. Disgusted, I could not see how these people thought it was ethical to do such things. What amazed me as well was that there were policemen nearby and they never even bother batting an eye in the direction of these remorseless animal abusers. When asked about whether or not the animals were still alive as the cages were as small as the size of our palms not allowing much room to move at all, the owner would use a stick with a pin attached to the end of it to poke these animals, making them flinch as a sign of life. Completely scarred from this experience, I later on also passed quite a few stalls selling animals displaying them like puppets on a string. Not understanding why this behavior is acceptable, I would like to petition that legal actions take place.

    I propose three points, firstly that the government of China starts bringing the draft law drafted in 2009 into actual consideration, implementing laws on animal protection before the year of 2019 month of May. Secondly, the governments of other countries should show their support for animal protection by funding nonprofits like PETA and WAPA and local organizations like Guardians of Chinese Animal Protection 守护者 with whatever resources they need. Lastly, by showing their disapproval of the lack of legal action done about this issue, other countries will cut trades of products with China that involve the process of animal cruelty.

    In 2009, a draft law was proposed to fine up to 6,000 yuan and two weeks of detention for those who are found guilty of animal cruelty and abuse. "The proposal will be submitted to the State Council by the end of the year," Chang Jiwen, director of the social law research department of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences said in the year 2009, it is now 2018 and nothing has no actions have been taken. Unsure why the government of China has chosen to completely disregard the idea of animal protection, prolonging the lacking of animal protection for almost a decade. Next year marks the 10th year the government of China has decided to push aside the idea of implementing laws regarding this issue, and it has gone on for too long. If by the month of May next year this outdated draft has not gone through the process of becoming a law, which includes through the State Council and then receives three readings at the National People's Congress Standing Committee, then other countries should step in and take charge of the situation.

    The differences that nonprofit organizations like PETA, WAPA, and Guardians of Chinese Animal Protection 守护者 have made in the world is drastically ranging from building animal shelters to save animals from slaughterhouses. This is why these organizations are so vital to the protection of animals as they are in some ways doing what the government of China is not doing. However the problems that these organizations face are also very similar, resources, they need money, manpower and the governments support to truly make a permanent change in the world we live in today. I am aware that the government of China is funding organizations like Guardians of Chinese Animal Protection 守护者 with resources, but they are very limited. Failing to implement new laws concerning the protection of animals, the governments of France, United States, Canada and the prime minister of United Kingdoms should feel obligated to fund nonprofits with whatever resources they need in order to minimize the problem.

    Many countries across the world do have laws and policies ensuring the protection of animals from abuse and brutality, however, these laws only ensure that they don’t happen in their own countries. While governments claim they stand up for animal rights and protection, they are also trading livestock and other products with China that may have undergone the process of animal abuse. There have been cases where thousands of chickens being trapped in a hen house, not only tightly packed that they barely have space to move but also never cleaned and so unhygienic the floors of the hen house are covered in feces. This calls for the halting of trades and purchasing with companies in China who do not meet international animal protection laws, as it although not directly contributing to the cause, but allowing it to get steadily worse.

    Although some of these proposals are far-fetched, these are the only ways that we can stop these brutish and unmerciful ways of animal treatment in China permanently. Like you I love animals, and I do not agree with some of the ways they are treated in the industry today, however, what is happening in some parts of China today should be our main priority because as human beings, we can tell their actions are simply not morally correct. Together we can make a difference and gain the attention of a higher authority who will impose legal actions stopping this train wreck in its tracks, saving the countless animals around the corner awaiting their demise. Please sign this petition to show your support on this issue. Thank you.