Non Issuance/Revocations Of Visas for Nigerian Govt Officials & their Family Members

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It is common knowledge that Nigerian government officials are corrupt and are refusing to do anything about changing our nation for the good of her people, this is because most of them have dual citizenship/visas and places of abode outside of our nation. They and their family members are using the fact that they have these leverages not to bother to fix our nation. Human rights abuse, insecurity, police brutality, corruption are a major source of the atrocities that we are experiencing on our nation. 
presently, the Nigerian youths across all major towns and cities have been demonstrating against police brutality #EndSARA as well #GoodGovernanceRefornms. I am demanding that with these revocation/non issuance of visas to them and their family members the needed change across all sectors of our nation will be duly looked into and reforms put in place. Our national wealth is been looted and carted away by these so called crooks in government and we are appealing that with these restrictions the Nigerian people will be better for it.

i urge the entire European Union to please help us do this as a way of instilling discipline/accountability across all sectors of governance in Nigeria.

I look forward to having this petition granted.

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Ayube Igho Raymond