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Grant White South Africans European Citizenship

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Myself and many other white South Africans feel that we would rather go back to Europe (where our Ancestors came from originally) than continue to live in Africa due to the vast cultural differences in morality, work ethic, religion and human rights. We feel that, as a minority of white European Christian people, in a vast sea of Africans - we are politically and economically stranded. Our language has also been attacked numerous times and simply trying to protect your own European culture here in Africa gets you branded a "racist". Please, my cousins in Europe, heed our request for citizenship with the same vigor with which you once tore down our White South Africa in 1994! We are being systematically annihilated and victimized while the entire world turns away... We are an intelligent and hard working European people who never asked to be placed in Africa and yet we are being discriminated against for just being in Africa! Please, people of Europe, allow us citizenship so that we may go back to the Motherland before we are annihilated in a covert war on our European race! I beg of you; listen to our plea! I never wanted to be born in Africa and I yearn to return to my Teutonic Ancestors and to live in peace and economic security, where I won't be discriminated against just for being European.

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