Say YES to IKEA in Dublin, California

Say YES to IKEA in Dublin, California

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Petition started: 28 Oct. 2018.

In response to I'd like to counter and say *yes* to an IKEA in Dublin, and I seek your support. (Note that I am a Dublin, CA resident, and I live < 3 miles from where the new IKEA would be built).

In 2006, IKEA unfortunately cancelled plans to build an IKEA in Dublin (

In 2016, IKEA made plans to build a new store in Dublin, to be opened in the Summer of 2018 ( ( Unfortunately, this has not come to pass, as we are now nearing the end of 2018.

According to the first link above, "many residents of Dublin fought against [IKEA coming to Dublin] in 2002 and at the time succeeded." It is unfortunate that an IKEA has not already been built in Dublin, and I can see why IKEA would be frustrated after 16 years of trying.

Having an IKEA in Dublin would serve the huge and growing population of residents with valuable goods and commodities. It would provide many entry-level jobs for the many non-tech-industry residents in nearby towns, who could easily commute in from the West on BART. It would help support the local economy, and it would let economics drive decisions which benefit us all. Currently, based on my personal experience in the area, the Dublin/Pleasanton area has more residents than the stores can support. Lacking super stores such as IKEA in the area make it more difficult for locals to get home goods at good prices. Frequently, local stores are sold out or overcrowded.

The biggest criticisms of building an IKEA seem to revolve around the following 4 points, in one way or another:

  1. Traffic and road congestion.
  2. The proposed location is near a BART station, which takes a valuable plot of land for a tech company. Also, IKEA isn't a tech company, because what Dublin needs is only more tech companies.
  3. The proposed location is in Dublin, which is reserved for wealthy people.
  4. A huge blue and yellow boxy store is an eye-sore.

Here are my brief responses to each of the points above, in order:

  1. Traffic and road congestion is a genuine concern. Parking at the BART station near the proposed IKEA location (the Eastern-most Dublin/Pleasanton station, or end of the line), is nearly impossible as it is. I suggest more and safer bike lanes are made for locals to get to the BART station, as crossing freeways on a bicycle around here is a HUGE hazard, since no bike lanes on overpasses exist (namely: Fallon Rd, Tassajara Rd, Hacienda Dr, and others). Also, for some reason the construction on Arnold Rd just south of Central Pkwy has wiped out the bike lane that once was there. So, fix local bike lanes for one. Second, IKEA at one point offered to build an underground parking lot since some residents mumbled and grumbled about a parking lot being an "eye sore". I suggest we have IKEA build an oversized parking lot and dedicate a portion of it to be used as BART-access parking. Third, incentivize further carpooling via additional carpool lanes. Fourth, expand BART and other train forms of Bay Area transportation. All of these measures will reduce single-person commuters on the road using an entire automobile for one tiny little human being, while still leaving room on the road for IKEA shoppers who need that space to store their new, affordable purchases as they drive home from shopping. Also, keep in mind IKEA doesn't open up until 10am, which is late enough to reduce impact on the morning commute, and closes at 9pm, again, which is late enough to reduce impact on the evening commute.
  2. Having the IKEA near the Eastern-most Dublin/Pleasanton BART station means 1) we get more parking for the BART (see my point #1 above) if IKEA and the city make such a deal, 2) IKEA employees can ride in on BART from Western towns. Some shoppers may also use BART, although most will probably have too many goods for that to be practical. As for IKEA being a non-tech company, let me simply say that this idea that we only need tech companies, if taken to the extreme, would also mean we shouldn't let grocery stores, retailers, shopping centers, or restaurants come in, which is just silly.
  3. This one is clearly not "politically correct", so wealthy Dublin/Pleasanton residents usually look down their noses and snub the idea in more-acceptable phrases to say the same thing such as "IKEA is an eye-sore", "there aren't enough college students or others of this type of shopping interest to make IKEA viable here", "it will lower our house prices," "we just don't need that here", "enough is enough", etc. I say simply, realize you're not the only ones living in Dublin, and allow others to live and work and shop here too. IKEA is a valuable addition to our town.
  4. I encourage anyone at risk of being offended by the sight of IKEA while driving by Dublin to simply look away while you pass. This will 1) protect your eyes from the damage you feel blue and yellow photos may cause them, 2) prevent others from having to see your scowling face, which would be unpleasant for them and demoralizing to their mood, 3) increase ride-share usage in the area, since looking away for the duration of passing by IKEA is most-safely done while someone else drives.

I'm asking for support from as many Dublin, Pleasanton, and East Bay residents as possible to send a message to the Dublin City Council that building an IKEA in Dublin, CA *is* a welcome addition to our town.

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