Allow winter on-street parking on the West Side

Allow winter on-street parking on the West Side

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Seth Zeren started this petition to Councelor Rachel Miller and

What’s the problem

Providence allows overnight on-street parking on city streets, but with a major exception that a few times a year, when it snows, you have to find a place to park off-street. Not everyone can park off-street in a parking lot, nor would we want to pave over more of our neighborhood for the few snow storms each year. 

But this is a solvable problem: Boston, Cambridge, Philadelphia, New York City, etc.  have on-street parking that doesn’t go away when it snows. We can figure it out here too!

What’s the solution: allow parking on most residential streets when it snows

The city should remove the parking ban on all residential/side streets in the West Side/Armory district and allow on-street parking when it snows. Broadway St., Westminster St., Cranston St. would still have a parking ban to allow full clearance of major streets.

How would it work

When it snows, the plows will go down the middle of the street making sure the roadway is clear. People who park on-street will be able to simply shovel out their car and go. (It’s actually quite a bit easier than shoveling out a driveway in the morning, btw., and literally millions of people live this way... right now.)

Let’s test it

I know this will work, having lived this way for years in other cities. But if we’re not sure it will work, let’s at least do a pilot program for a few years. The Armory district was a guinea pig years ago when the city first started allowing overnight on-street parking again. We can do this! Heck, the city can probably save money on plowing and start doing this NOW.

On-street parking is great!

  • On-street parking slows traffic on our streets and protects sidewalks from moving cars.
  • Allows us to have fewer parking lots and more much needed homes and gardens, reducing stormwater runoff. 
  • It makes for livelier streets with people coming and going from their cars, shoveling them out, etc.

We need to make full use of all the asphalt the city already paid to build and pays to maintain. Better on street parking won't cost the city anything (it's probably a money earner) and allows more homes and gardens in our neighborhood.


What’s with the $100 annual fee for instate, $200 fee for out of state? No online registration?

Boston, Cambridge, Philadelphia, NYC all have online application programs and annual parking stickers cost between $0-$35/year.

What the high fees and no registration do is encourage people to not register and take their few tickets a year (it’s cheaper). That’s not good for faith in government. Let’s create a lower-cost, more accessible program so that more people can and will use on-street parking (all year round, because we’re gonna do this snow thing above).

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