Ask COSTCO to provide all their products in plastic-free packaging before it’s too late.

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How much plastic waste do you end up with in your home after each trip to the grocery store?

It's estimated that in 2015, around 55 percent of global plastic waste was discarded, 25 percent was incinerated, and 20 percent was recycled. Of the plastic waste produced between 1950 and 2015, only 9 percent was recycled (

Manufacturers tell us that plastic packaging is necessary for product handling and preservation, but we know there is a better way.

Let’s all ask COSTCO to begin selling us their products in plastic-free packaging -- at once.

We are asking Costco to take the initiative and implement this change within 10 weeks from the date this petition is delivered to Costco Headquarters.

We know that this can be done very quickly because it has already been done successfully, in the U.K. for instance (

Costco, please ask your distributors to change the packaging in their products to eco-friendly or biodegradable alternatives at once.

We know that the amount of packaging waste being produced is a big problem that requires multiple approaches. This is just one approach. In order to address this problem effectively we must all do our part. We do not want to leave this waste for our future generations to clean up. 


Please, support this petition by signing it, asking everyone you know to sign it and by sharing it widely. Wherever you are in the world, and whether you shop at Costco or not! Because we all live in the same planet and we all have to deal with this! Let’s reduce plastic waste together, let's do it now.

Please sign and share widely.

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