Return the Polish Dog to Costco’s Food Court in Hawai’i - Mahalo

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Remember going to Iwalei Costco’s Food Court for the Polish dog --- pouring Deli mustard and sauerkraut all over it (maybe some ketchup and relish too), and biting down on that meaty morsel?  You do?  You know now, NO CAN.  They discontinued the Polish dog, and it’s true all over Oahu.  In fact all of Hawaii-nei the Polish is gone from the Food Court.   The ONE, main item that you hunger for, is Kapu (unless you want to buy a giant pack of polish dogs and heat them up at home). 

 We say – no way – let’s bring them back, so with this petition – we hope to draw attention in Hawaii (and other parts – you can always say you vacation here and it’s making an impact on you) that we are not going to take it lying down, or standing up for that matter.  LET THE DOGS OUT OF THE FREEZER – make the Polish Dog again part of the Costco Food Court selection in Hawai’i.  We will pay more – charge us $2.50.


Polish Dog Lovers

(and for those who think Polish dogs are from Poland, that’s OK – we don’t expect them to travel that far)