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Reform NJ DCPP

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What is DCPP? Well, formally known as Division of youth and family services (DYFS) is now The Division of Child Protection and Permanency. What does that mean? Think about it. PERMANENCY. Permanent placement for YOUR children. Did you know in the state of New Jersey when a child is removed from their home the Division gets a $4,000 bonus? Don't believe me? I'll send you a picture of the social workers paycheck that kidnapped MY kid. She made $14,000 in 2014 for stealing kids. On September 9, 2015 the Division came into my home and ripped my step daughter from my husbands arms kicking and screaming. Screaming that she wanted to stay, that she needed him. Days after she was screaming for me, wondering why I abandoned her. Why wasn't I coming around? Because the Division told me I wasn't allowed to see my step daughter regardless of how often she asked for me. Why? Because they claimed I physically abused her. Even after numerous interviews with doctors, social workers and detectives this child was still saying I never touched her. TO THIS DAY she's not giving any details of this supposed abuse. But the Division at this point knew they were wrong and so they cover up began. For a year and a half the division RUINED my life along with my husbands. They wouldn't allow this child to be in our wedding, wouldn't allow her to be a part of our FAMILY. Leigha has landed herself in a foreclosed home, barely making it to school regularly, with someone who genuinely has never actually cared about her well being. A year and a half ago I was court ordered to cease and desist with this petition because it made the state look bad. It never once gave out confidential court information, not like the social worker who was fired from the Division for actually giving out confidential court information. It hurt the state and told the truth about this child who was born addicted to HEROIN because the person giving birth couldn't care less about her and wouldn't stop the drug abuse. This child needed and still needs help. The mental manipulation, the lies, the drug abuse it all needs to stop. The constant harassment from the family she's living with now is incredible. The Division has lied about drug tests they've given her family members she lives with. They've covered up failed drug tests, they've covered up calls made to the Division about concerns regarding her. They don't ever do follow up checks, they cover up their lies, they genuinely don't care about the child. A year and a half later litigation is over and they've segregated this child to the point where she's lost half of her family. She no longer is part of a family because of the way the courts have decided to disregard her safety and mental situation she's in. Were now mourning the loss of a child because the Division decided against her well being. Sign this petition so we can get a meeting with the senators, the governor, the commissioner, anyone. WE need to make enough noise to put this out there and bring awareness to other parents so they don't go through what we've gone through.

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