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Free Jimmy Polanco under parole and stop solitary confinement for juveniles

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Jimmy Polanco, 18 years old, turned himself in, to the Passaic County Jail on December 8th, 2017. Jimmy was involved in a fight and a 15 years old boy got stabbed. The subject that stabbed the young kid confessed his crime and also confessed that Jimmy never used a weapon, or had the intention to kill. Even though, he hit the boy with a pipe while fighting. 

Jimmy has a lawyer that I personally hired to help him get though this since he has never being involve in any issue with the law. This is his first offense. Joel M. Bacher has being more than good to us, very kind and very professional staff. But it is beyond the lawyers hand what happens inside the jail. Jimmy has being put in solitary confinement twice. The first time they putted him in was because Jimmy was claiming money that I've sent him to eat. They gave all the inmate's card but not his. He was left in a dark room without food and water for a whole day. (NOT EVEN DOGS DESERVE TO BE TREATED LIKE THIS). The second time, and he is in there at this time, was because a group of folks wanted to fight him, so they putted him in the confinement again. 

I am raising my voice this time because this should not be permitted in any jail. Solitary confinement exposes people to develop mental health issues, mostly juveniles. Jimmy is not a criminal, neither a murderer. I am here to help him, defend him. Furthermore, he is very sorry for what happened. He deserves a second chance. How will a person prove their worth if they are not given an opportunity to do so? 

Moreover, if Jimmy was a criminal I would not be posting this statement. I am aware that we need to keep our country and society violence free, but most of the time, those violent people out there were never given a chance to change or an opportunity to try again. Jimmy wants to study, to work and be productive, so our society (young generation) can see him as an example that if you try hard enough to make things better, you can achieve it. As a Substance Abuse Counselor I've gotten to work with kids with many mental and emotional problems. A person is not born "being bad" or being violent; it is developed though the years and it all depends on the environment that they are being raised. 

Please I ask for mercy on Jimmy's case. I ask for a second chance. If many of you are reading this statement, you would not want your kid being in the same situation that he is. I am not a parent, but I know what it means to love a son. I raised Jimmy. He never had a mother figure in his life. Jimmy's mother has being on Dialysis since he was born. She lives with a half kidney due to the fact that she developed tuberculosis after having him. When I was 9 years old I promised her that I was to take care of her three children. At that time she tough she was not going to make it, but God has given her a long life. My aunt is blind, deaf and she can't walk. While I was present in Jimmy's life I tried my best to give him love and care. I had to move to to come to this country and since them we have never being reunited again since I was 12 years old. I am now 23 years old, and I need to accomplish the promise I made my aunt. Jimmy is more than just a cousin. He is like my son. I love him dearly and I want justice for him. 

Even though, there are not excuses for what happened, Jimmy deserves a second chance. Not only him, but many kids in prison that are left to the will of the Criminal Justice System. I pray for union, equality and love around the world. I also pray for a better tomorrow. For example, there should be a better reform on how to treat juveniles that get involves in these kind of issues. What are we getting for putting them in a solitary confinement? Or putting them behind bars? We are racing more criminals and showing those kids that the system does not care about them. 

Please I ask for Jimmy being release under parole and while that happens he can get the opportunity to expand his brain and learn, study and do something worth it. Please, help me spread this petition. Our juveniles deserve better. They are the future of this country. 

If any of you wants to hear more about Jimmy's story feel free to contact me. There is more that I decided not to post here. My email is: 

Jimmy has also asked the family for books, so while being there he can study. 

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