Olive Garden to bring back automatic gratuity on parties over 8 people.

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Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read this petition. If you are a server then you know all too well that one of the worst parts of the job is when you have a large party that takes most, if not all your tables, stays for hours, works you harder and then leave you little or nothing. We work for $5 or less an hour: depending on the state you work in. We tip out 5% of our sales -NOT TIPS- to busser, bartender and food runner. So on a $300 check..we tip out $15; so when we are stiffed we actually pay the guest to eat. But it was our choice to work this job..right? True..but with the cost of living, this is the only job that makes it possible to pay the bills with no bachelor's or masters degree. Which cost thousands of dollars that not all of us are able to afford. We feed our children with this job, we pay our bills with this job, we pay for our college education with this job. We work hard-harder then most jobs out there. We are sacrificing our time, away from our children and families,  to make sure you and your families enjoy your gathering.  The tip is paying for a service, a service you chose to receive the second you walked in the door. So we need to work together and get as many signatures as possible to BRING BACK the 18% gratuity on large parties of 8 or more. Please sign and share with all your friends and family. Thank you from all the Olive Garden family, the mothers, fathers, college students, just trying to survive in this tough world.