Help all Special Need's Children in Lincolnshire by supporting the new SEND Proposal.

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As a parent who is currently facing decisions regarding two of her children who have special education needs this is a subject that is very close to my heart. 

My children are currently under review and are in mainstream primary - the school are doing the very best they can but they need more specialized help in order to progress. If we get a EHCP Level 3 plan for Special School either now or when they get to secondary with the way the system currently stands they will have to travel for over 45 minutes each way every day until they finish their education or move multiple times and still have to travel over 30 minutes each way. Potentially they may also end up being separated from each other as they are 1 year apart and 1 of them has autism as well as moderate learning difficulty, the other has moderate physical difficulty as well as moderate learning difficulty. However despite their difficulties they are very close and separating them is not really an option. 

If this new proposal gets the go ahead we could hopefully within the next 2 years move them to a specialized school in our town together and for the remaining years of their could this possibly be a bad thing?  

I know I am only 1 person in 1000's who have children with SEND needs in Lincolnshire alone but I am sure that many of them are facing the same issues we are. There are just not enough school places and too many of them are not able to cater for all needs meaning children are travelling for hours each day just to get an education.  When I say all needs, I don’t mean throw them all in together I means it can create an inclusive environment where children can mix and socialise with a range of other children as well as learning in environments that are specialist and grouped by need. 

The new proposals aim is to "Establish an integrated school system where children and young people get the right health, care and education, in the right place, at the right time, as close as possible to where they live."  It will also provide more send spaces and an investment from the government to improve facilities in Lincolnshire so all pupils wherever they live in the county get the same opportunities and it’s not the case of a post code lottery.  

Please sign this petition to show your support - we have only got until the 14th March 2018 to get as many signatures and surveys completed and in to the Lincolnshire County Council for them to make the decisions. You can read the full proposal here or following this link to complete the survey

5 minutes of your time could impact the future of thousands of LOCAL children. 

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