Stebonheath & Womma Road Intersection, Edinburgh North - INSTALL ROUNDABOUT

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The Petition of the undersigned residents of Davoren Park, Eyre Estate, Edinburgh North, Penfield and surrounding areas.

We draw the Department of Transport Planning and Infrastructure (‘DPTI’s) attention to what we regard as a significant safety risk at the intersection of Stebonheath and Womma Road, Edinburgh North.

According to the location SA Map Viewer, from around 2012, there have been approximately 33 crashes reported at this intersection, resulting in approximately 24 casualties (injuries). There are no reported fatalities for this period. However, the date for 2017 and beyond is not fully available or included in the dataset. The data is from DPTI.

Under an existing agreement between DPTI and developers of the adjoining Eyre Estate, 25% of lots within the development must be complete before DPTI will commit to funding a roundabout at the intersection. Therefore a solution to the intersection already exists but may not be implemented for years to come.

The petitioners therefore request that DPTI immediately pay for the installation of a roundabout at the intersection and that it seek to recover the costs from developed blocks at a future date.

Petition Authors - Peter Rentoulis, Sonja Taylor & Sean Leedham