Bring Kara Edwards & Kyle Hebert to an Australian Convention

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Attention to Dragon Ball Z Fans, Anime Fans, Cosplayers and Convention attendees in Australia. This Petition I have made is an attempt to see in any Convention organizers would possibly arrange to invite more Anime voice actors to attend to Australian Conventions.

Kara Edwards - She has provided numerous voices for Japanese anime series and video games such as Videl, Goten and Gotenks from Dragon Ball Z, Murugu from Yu Yu Hakusho, Lil from One Piece, Tsuzuri Tesso, and Febrie from A Certain Scientific Railgun S and many others.

I met her in May at Kameha-Con in Irving, Texas and she was a great guest to have, very nice and bonded very well with her fans. Her and I have stayed in touch ever since. She has been to a Convention in Perth and she has shown interest in coming to Australia again. Her e-mail -

Kyle Hebert - Voice of Adult Gohan and The Narrator from Dragon Ball Z, Kamina from Gurren Lagann, Ryu in the Street Fighter Games, Sōsuke Aizen from Bleach, Katsuhiko Teshigawara from Your Name and many more.

I also met Kyle at Kameha-Con and he also has been to Perth and Melbourne for a convention and he also told me me that he would like to come back to Australia for another Convention. His e-mail -

In Australia we have had many Voice actor guests and they bond very well with their fans. It would be great to have more and I do have many friends in the cosplay community who would love to meet these two.

If any Convention Organizers are reading this, I hope you take this into your consideration and I'm sure they would come down together if asked as they go to Conventions together regularly. I can assure you that I have asked both Kara and Kyle's permission to write this petition.

If your a fan of these two voice actors, please sign this petition