Control of the so called Parking Cowboys

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Private Parking companies are a law unto them selves. Their activities need curbing. Parking 'fines' from private parking companies are in fact invoices, but are called Parking Charge Notices (PCN). Most people interpret them as fines though. These PCN need to be set by Parliament/ the Government  and relate to the actual problem, not to how much a parking company can get away with.

Most PCN's bear no relation to the "crime" committed, are unfair and unreasonable. Our MP's need reminding that this is affecting thousands of people on a daily basis and that things like a grace period is not enough.

Help stop these exorbitant Parking Charge Notices.

A specific goal of this petition is to get certain types of payment systems and payment terminals banned. Payment systems known as 'Pay and Display' should not be allowed. Here the customer has to decide how long he/she wants to stay, pay for that amount and display the ticket on the vehicle. They have to return to their vehicles before a set time. Of course people make mistakes, that's the whole idea. Mistakes cost money, lot's of money! PCN's have nothing to do with the actual time over the expiry time. The amount, commonly £100, is due immediately on expiry of a ticket (+ period of grace). The amount is for a breach of contract generally "for not displaying a valid ticket". Once you have paid for a ticket you have entered into a contract which amongst over things means that you agree to pay the £100 PCN.

All parking facilities should have a system that is found at some hospitals, for example Derriford hospital, Plymouth and Treliske hospital Truro. Here a parking ticket is issued when you enter the car park, but is only paid when you leave. There are no Parking Charge Notices (PCN) for £100. You pay what ever hourly rate applies to the time you have used. It's fair and proper and moral.

The Pay and Display terminals, which I like to call Bonanza Machines are totally different. Here you can get a PCN for several reasons. They are unfair and speculative and invite litigation. They also cause a great deal of distress.

Not only does the parking company get paid for the ticket, it gets revenue from people who do not have the right change. Further revenue comes from issuing PCN's at a £100 a time. A £100 PCN can be issued immediately after the  ticket expiry time has expired.  The reason given is "for parking without a valid ticket." I think millions of people think this totally unfair, ridiculous, immoral and legalized theft. The size of the 'fine' or more correctly the invoice should relate to fee paid, "the punishment should fit the crime".

There are other changes needed also such as mandatory spaces for disabled drivers, a certain % of the total number of spaces available. Minimum width of the parking bay, etc.

Car parking companies will not give up this system and use a fairer system until they are made to. Too much money at stake.

The conclusion and answer to the problem is simple and easy. Change the law:

All parking tickets to be paid on exiting the car park. Pay On Exit.

Sign the petition (and 'Share') and try and change this situation.