Continue the UWA Graduate Lifetime Email Addresses

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We, the many graduates of UWA who have proudly and confidently used our Graduate Lifetime Email Addresses, including for our most important contacts, request that Graduate Lifetime Email Addresses are continued. We understand that there are difficulties to be overcome, however we should work towards finding solutions to problems, isn't that what we were taught?

These email addresses were advertised as lifetime. Even in the world of the internet, this is not a lifetime. We want them for life, as promised.

Many graduates used their lifetime email addresses to sign up for their most important contacts, business contacts, billers, accounts. These email addresses became an extremely important part of our reliable consistent contact details. The addresses should be for life, but even if they aren't, 9 days notice is not enough.

Please share your ideas. UWA please share more details of the problem. Let's show what UWA graduates can do, I think keeping email addresses should be something we can work out!

See the email from UWA here:

Background for those unaware: all UWA graduates were eligible for a "lifetime" forwarding email address. This meant it didn't matter where you were, or what job you had and how many times you changed jobs, you could keep a consistent email address. It was more prestigious and professional than using a personal gmail or hotmail etc address, and not job dependant. It was great for using for professional purposes that would extend beyond your current job: professional associations and subscriptions, publications, and job applications to name a few.

On 20 August 2018 all @graduate email users received the email above stating that the email system was to be discontinued on 29 August 2018. No consultation was attempted with @graduate email users.

After much backlash the decommission date has been pushed back to 31 October 2018, but there is still no plan to continue the system.

The stated reasons include cyber security concerns and other digital representation options such as LinkedIn being available. As for these reasons, LinkedIn is not a replacement for email, and we would hope that UWA is capable of managing a secure email system!

UWA would be advised to consider the effects of discontinuing the @graduate email addresses. Each time the address was used was publicity for UWA. Each time we used the address we remembered our connection to the university. What does this say about the dependability and reliability of UWA? What does it say about how well UWA is adapting to changing times? What does it say about the cyber security of UWA's other email systems?

According to Top Universities, these are the top 10 universities in 2018. So do they offer graduate email addresses?

MIT, US: Yes, forwarding for life

Stanford, US: Yes, email account (hosted by google)

Harvard, US: Yes, forwarding for life

Caltech, US: Yes, email account

Cambridge, UK: Yes, email account

Oxford, UK: Yes, forwarding email. However, under review

UCL, UK: Yes, email account

Imperial College London, UK: Yes, email account (hosted by google)

University of Chicago, US: Yes, forwarding for life

So the short answer is YES, of course the best universities offer lifetime alumni email addresses.