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Stop serial cat/kitten killer in Spokane, Washington

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HELP ME EXPOSE LIES AND GOVERNMENT COVER-UPS THAT KEEPS THE #SPOKANE SERIAL #CAT KILLER ON THE LOOSE!!! SCRAPS, the animal protection agency in charge of investigation, still claims the witnesses are not tied to the evidence and cat killer, which is a LIE! They told one of my witnesses if she didn't sign a statement, she would be held as an accomplice, so they know he is dangerous!! Listen to the witnesses on both radio shows and how they know the alleged cat killer!!!
Below is SCRAPS form letter to the public, yet they never posted warnings, updates or anything, because they are busy covering up that they blundered, this investigation (and admitted it) from the start, and never got police involved like other cases. CALL THE SCRAPS, DA AND MAYOR AND DEMAND AN ARREST.

radio show of brave witnesses identifying alleged cat killer in their opinion…/defa…/files/audio/Oceans-022217.mp3

Jane Velez Mitchell complimenting the witnesses coming forward…/defa…/files/audio/Oceans-030117.mp3


Thank you for your concern for the animals in our community. We have been investigating this case for a number of months now and a few weeks ago turned the results of that investigation over to the prosecutor's office for review and potential charging.

The prosecutor has declined prosecution as none of the witnesses had direct testimony tying the killings to the suspect. Most of the testimony was hearsay. Additionally, any evidence, some which was inadmissible, again did not tie the suspect to the crimes.

We continue to hope that someone with direct testimony will come forward with additional information. But right now we simply do not have enough to charge anyone with a crime.

I agree that we do need to find the person responsible and again we hope that someone with information will come forward that can offer some direct testimony and/or evidence to tie the suspect to the crime. We are committed to following up on every lead and if we get additional information resubmit to the prosecutor.

We have a strong history of prosecuting animal abusers. In fact, we obtained the first felony conviction for animal fighting in Washington state.

Thank you again for caring.

Nancy Hill
Regional Director
Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS)
6815 E. Trent
Spokane Valley, WA 99212
Direct Phone: 509.477.1967
Fax: 509.477.4745

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