Improve conditions for the dogs in PS Tecuci

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The management team at PS Tecuci are acting unlawfully in falling to provide the correct conditions and welfare standards for the dogs. Dogs are suffering, both dogs and puppies die daily. A recent visit by a representative of FPAM (Federation for Protection Animals & Environment) an NGO found the following issues with the “shelter” 1) the shelter is overcrowded 2) food is served on faeces and urine 3) dogs are stressed due to the overcrowding which leads to dogs fighting and killing each other 4) dogs are not spayed or neutered 5) dogs are becoming pregnant and giving birth in the shelter 6) dogs are not microchipped 7) dogs are not registered 8) there is no Veterinarian Office to care for the dogs 9) the new company does not have the required certificate from DSVSA 10) there is insufficient staff to care for the dogs despite 4000 euros being donated monthly to cover all food, cleaning products and vaccines 11) there is no Veterinary Technician.