Bring Back Lincoln Biscuits.

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Lincoln Biscuits are no longer sold in the UK, I would like this changed.

They aren't available in England other than the odd person (last I heard there was somebody in London) who brings them in a van from Ireland. The truth as far as I could find out some years ago is that there was an accident (a fire I think) in the factory that produced them and by the time it was all sorted they couldn't get their supermarket shelf space back. They are no longer produced by McVities, or by Jacobs in the UK.

Jacobs Ireland make them, but they are not permitted to use the Jacobs name in the UK so they cannot be sold over here.

McVities told me they would never say never and hinted that if there was a big enough number of people who wanted them they may reconsider. I think that there are a big enough number, but we would have to get evidence. I started a Bring it back campaign but it needs a lot more signatures than the current number (43 :-) ). Spread the news and who knows.

The campaign is located here.