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Missouri Legislature: Don’t Raise Our Utility Rates!

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The costs of utilities affect all of us. But they hit those most vulnerable among us the hardest. The Missouri legislature is trying to raise utility costs on top of the rate increases pending the Public Service Commission.

What’s even worse, one bill in particular, Senate Bill 190 gives a HUGE break to one large company: Doe Run, at the cost of regular residential consumers.

Almost 1 million Missourians live at or below the poverty line. We all depend on monopoly utility companies to provide us with basic life necessities like heat and rates across the state have soared over the last 10 years. Tell the Missouri State Legislature: OUR RATES ARE HIGH ENOUGH.

Here are some of the worse bills before us:

Electric Ratemaking Legislation Rewrite
Senate Bill 190 – (Sen. Ed Emery and Sen. Jamilah Nasheed); House Bill 628- (Rep. Rocky Miller). This sweeping legislation would make numerous changes to the current ratemaking system, causing rates to rise faster and increase higher for the same level of service, costing Missourians hundreds of millions. To make matters worse, this legislation includes lower rate for one company: Doe Run, subsidizing their rates by rate increases on ordinary households.

Water Utility Decoupling Profits from Usage
Senate Bill 184 - (Sen Ed Emery); House Bill 243 (Rep. Charlie Davis).This legislation would allow water companies to automatically increase water rates annually to cover losses from decreased consumer usage that could result from abnormal weather, an economic downturn, or other disaster. Ratepayers would essentially have to guarantee profits, shielding a for-profit company from decreased profits.

Then we have formula rate bills for Natural Gas Companies: SB 242 - (Sen Ed Emery) and House Bill 747 (Rep. Rocky Miller); Performance Based Rates creating automatic, allowing for 5-year pre-approval plans for electric companies SB 214 – (Sen. Ed Emery); and a New Surcharge Authorization bill, opening the door to unlimited new surcharges HB 997 -- (Rep. Rocky Miller).

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