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Soon, the Consumer Product Safety Commission will take a misguided action that will change the consumer fireworks industry as we know it.  Rather than getting the visual performance that we’re used getting from our fireworks, the CPSC’s proposed rule will change the way our fireworks look.  This has the potential to disappoint customers, resulting in fewer sales and a negative effect on your bottom line.
The CPSC’s proposed regulation will alter the amount of powdered metal used to create heat to ignite the color stars intermixed in the break charges of consumer fireworks.  What that means to those of us who consume nearly 230 million pounds of these fireworks annually is that those fireworks would be less colorful but no safer.
The Commission’s proposed rule would require consumer fireworks’ break charges to only contain black powder, which would dramatically decrease the visual effect performance of consumer fireworks and thus make them less marketable. The rule would also subject consumer fireworks to X-Ray Fluorescent testing increasing the current product failure rate from 17 percent to 84 percent, based upon independent test results.  This scenario will lead to fewer fireworks being available for the enjoyment of the consumers, our customers.
The Small Business Administration has weighed in on the debate, saying that it was concerned that the CSPSC proposed this regulation without factual basis and cited the significant impact it would have on small businesses. It even suggested steps for the CPSC to take to make the rule less damaging to small businesses.

The NFA and our members have a better option.  We just need the CPSC to listen and work with us to get it right for safety and product performance. They need to vote down this current NPR and #saveourfireworks!

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