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I am writing w.r.t. a personal experience with Flipkart i.e. OD108953043428182000.

             Online shopping is an ever expanding business in India and while enjoying increasing profits, companies should also be consumer centric: else it takes only a fraction of the time taken to achieve success to fall back to where they started.

         We always prefer buying from branded shopping sites like Snapdeal, Amazon and especially Flipkart as we perceive they are legitimate and thereby accountable. I personally have bought more than a lakh worth of products from these portals: However post sale customer service and product delivery is not always dependable.

       It is a huge disappointment to all of us who advocate online shopping when an incident like this occurs and the companies shrug off their accountability with nothing more than a standard, scripted, copy and paste remark without proper verification. While the customer has received an empty box with no product at all Flipkart alleges that the product was packed and shipped intact by their seller and logistic partner respectively.

·      Are we crooks to claim such an incident for such a paltry amount? Why would we undergo such a hassle if it was a false claim?

·      What procedure does Flipkart follow to verify the claims of their seller and courier partner? Do they just take their word for it or is there any proof that is provided?

·      We have documented written proof (attached along with) by the Sub-post master in front of whom alongwith other staff the product was opened and found empty.

·      What proof does Flipkart, the seller or courier partner have that the product was delivered intact?

      As mentioned in the previous mail, the box was empty when opened in front of the post office staff .The customer had no way to verify that the product was intact inside the  box she was about to receive other than use X-RAY vision which I think no-one except Superman has.Thus, the only resort is to receive and open the box which renders the customer helpless as in case of any such incident the only response from companies like Flipkart is a scripted “We’d like to let you know that your request for a replacement/refund of cannot be fulfilled by the seller as the courier partner has confirmed delivery of the item to recipient with the product being intact”

·      The box may have been packed by the seller without the product or it may have been stolen by an employee of the seller and only the box packed or some incident might have occurred with the courier partner .Whatever the incident, what was received was only an empty box .Why should the customer be responsible for it when it is the company which has partnered with the seller and the courier who handled the product till it was delivered? Why should the customer who has received an empty box not be reimbursed or the product replaced when the companies do not implement a fool-proof system to check these occurrences?

 Please mention and explain the procedure that a customer is supposed to follow while receiving a package from Flipkart on your web portal and your advertisements so that such disputes may not further occur.

 Are we supposed to open the package while a live video is being made to prove that any product was damaged / not received?

 Are we supposed to give a character certificate to prove our honesty in the genuineness of our claim of reception of a damaged product or non reception of any?

 I have been in a supervisorial role in the customer care sector for quite some time and I understand protocols and procedures, but no company guidelines can have greater leverage than what is logical and the Consumer laws of the country.

 Remember that We have documented written proof (attached along with) by the Sub-post master(a govt. servant) i.e. your courier partner that you proclaimedwho was one of the staff  in front of whom the product was opened and found empty.

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