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To the people who don't know about Nestaway, it is a home rental network in India, basically, a startup that gives you accommodations for rent.To look on their sites there are a lot of basic amenities they will show you that should be provided but nothing was available during my stay.We had raised multiple service requests but no strict actions were taken to fix all those things.We lived there for almost 1.5 years because We weren't getting any better location to move and We were afraid that they will deduct money from my security deposit.Still, when we left the flat, they deducted a huge amount from me and my friends' security deposit.When asked they had given a handwritten estimation of why those deductions were made.We are a 100 % sure that they must have deducted the same amount from previous tenants security deposit. We are just not able to understand if you deducted the same amount, why didn't you made the necessary repairs before we moved into the house.To tell about me and my flatmates, we are professionals who work for reputed companies.And you think we have damaged the property where we live...????Everybody prefers to stay in a comfortable place...They were taking more than enough rent i.e. 28000 for that flat and still they wanted money when Service Requests were raised to fix something.We will attach the photo of the bill which was sent to us for what they had made deductions for.Following are some points which we want to throw more light on:

1.Calling Bell was working when we left.Charged us Rs140.

2.Tubelight set.Charged us Rs400.First of all, tube lights were not functioning when we had come.When we asked them to replace it.They got it from some other house, used ones and definitely local ones which got fused again and again.

3.Cupboard lock.Charged us Rs1000.There are total 4 cupboards and they charged us for 5...One of the cupboards was not working from the beginning and for the rest of them, my friends returned the keys.

4.Bed Lamp.Charged us Rs32.-We never saw a bed lamp in the house.We don't know what they are talking about.

5.Shower Head.Charged us Rs600.Water comes in the society for half an hour.How the shower is gonna work if it is not regularly used.

6. Kitchen tank was contaminated from the day we moved in. So, how we were washing utensils? We take all the utensils to the bathroom and wash it there. We found this after 4-5 months when our utensils and kitchen started smelling foul. This means for first 4-5 months we were cooking and eating food in utensils full of germs. We discarded all those utensils and bought new ones.

7. Washing Machine and Geyser was not fixed after raising multiple requests from DAY 1. Nestaway electrician/plumber came and said Geyser cannot be fixed and some problem with washing machine. So we are spending 2500-3000 per month to get our clothes washed. Every time we called the owner to replace the washing machine, he said "I understand, I am outside India. Once I come I'll get it replaced. Also bought an immersion rod to warm water in winter.

8. The toilet seat was fixed after raising request and it broke again the next day. What kind of half ass job he did. We were not able to use toilet flush as the water continuously seeps and tank becomes empty. So, manually pouring water.

9. Beds and mattresses were infested with bedbugs. Again we raised a request. After one month the mattresses were replaced and pest control was done in the house. So, we had to sleep on the floor for one month as bed bugs were sucking our blood. The replaced mattresses were second hand and too hard to sleep. So we bought new ones.

10. Some guy came, we don't know from Nestaway or owner for cleaning in our absence. After that, we found that 5000 cash, new shoes, house and cupboard keys and some other items were stolen. Talked to the area manager and didn't get a proper response. Again raised a request. Got response "Nestaway is not responsible for our belongings and to take care of our own belongings".

We can go on with this...But we will attach the handwritten receipt in this post.We are sure that we won't get any money back but still we want to raise a voice and create awareness among people not to take Nestaway as an option.Thanks in advance