Draft Jennifer Young to run for President in 2020

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In the past the Constitution party has been plagued by unfaithful members, weak and obscure candidates, and incompetence. We need Jennifer Young, the former Constitution candidate for Wyoming Secretary of State, a loyal member of the party and a competent female politician who is superior to every other presidential candidate the party has put forth.

The future of the Constitution party will be found in the Western states of Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and the Dakotas and while in 2016 the party barely got 2,000 votes in the Wyoming Young was able to gain almost 20,000 votes with a budget of $10,000. Young's resourcefulness and campaigning skills will push the party towards its future and prominence at the state level and eventually the national level.

As for the vice presidential candidate the clear answer is Peg Luksik who stills maintains enough popularity in Pennsylvania to receive nearly 20% of the vote in the Republican Lieutenant governor primary twenty years after gaining almost 13% while running for governor in 1994.

Young is the future for us and America.