The Students' Voice of the Conservatory of Amsterdam: Room Bookings & Lock Systems


The Students' Voice of the Conservatory of Amsterdam: Room Bookings & Lock Systems

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**Updated 7 October 2018: added "Health and Safety reasons" -SH**

 **Updated 8 October 2018: added "inefficient use of rooms" and "logistical impracticalities" points -SH**

Dear readers,


As of recently, the Conservatory of Amsterdam is changing their doorlock systems.  On further research, the new system will only allow people who have booked a certain room (via Asimut) to enter it. This proves to be very problematic in the following scenarios :

1. Inefficient use of Rooms

  • One books a room from 17:00-18:30, yet after 18:30 the room is free (or the person who has booked the room afterwards not come). Previously one could stay in the room and practice further. With the new system this would be impossible: although one can, of course, stay inside the room, if they need to leave for a short break, they won’t be able to re-enter the said room anymore. Furthermore, they will also not be able to book it afterwards to avoid this, since Asimut does not allow successive bookings unless at least 1,5 hours have elapsed.
  • Rooms that are booked and confirmed through Asimut, but then appear to be free/empty. As we all know, it occurs quite often that teachers book a room for the day (e.g. 8 hours) but in reality are using it for much less (e.g. leaving much earlier). This situation can also occur if a student does not use their reservation for its full length. With the new system these empty rooms will go unused, since nobody except their -absent- ‘rightful’ booker will be able to access.
  • Another example of the above point: once a month in a week, the BLOK week takes place at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. The room 739 is booked by the teachers for the whole week, allowing recorder players to rehearse, practise, or receive lessons/lectures. These rooms are booked for the whole week, for the most portion of the day. But in many instances, the room itself is not used by the participants (e.g. a lecture in another hall, student concert). The room consists of a very specific historical instruments as well (e.g. an Angst fortepiano), and most fortepianists (and pianists) relies on this instruments. These room would then be inaccessible for most during the said week, thus no fortepianists (and virtually pianists, as we cannot officially book the room) are able to practise.

2. Logistical impracticalities

  • If a student needs equipment such as an extra stand/chair that is not present in their current room but is abundantly available in the empty rooms next door, they will be unable to enter them, not having a reservation, and potentially have to go to the service desk for help, wasting extra time for a task that would have otherwise been very simple.
  • Storage rooms for instruments are often situated within another room (e.g. 731 for electronic equipments for recorder players, 832 for period bassoon). There has been instances in which students need to pick up/return the instruments, only to find out that the rooms are inaccessible. This creates a highly unnecessary hassle.
  • For teachers, it would be a hefty and unrealistic task to continually inform the front desk about when exactly they make use their rooms, as that can be quite unpredictable in practice (until now it was expected that their rooms be used when not needed) Source: Correpetitor at the Conservatory of Amsterdam (see comment section of post:


  • Booking rooms on Asimut would ease the transition to this new system. But this would mean that the circumstances dictate us to look at our phones every 15 minutes, frantically prolonging everything and (unavoidably) missing the interval and see that your room has been booked by someone else. Personally, I don't see how this will improve our musicianships. I try (and I'm pretty sure many others do) to keep distractions to a minimum when I am practising. To make my point stronger, many of us do not have instruments at our home, rendering the Conservatory the only possible place to study. The new booking system prevents us from using the space offered in the most efficient manner.
  • Given that with the new Asimut-update students will be able to reserve rooms 48 hours in advance, but ONLY after 21:00 each day, students who for instance attend/participate in a concert, have a lesson, rehearsal, work and/or other obligations rendering them unavailable at 21:00, will not have the chance to reserve a room for the coming day, as most likely most rooms will have been taken shortly after 21:00. Furthermore, this does not fix the "15 minute phone problem" for the 24-hour version.
  • Another inevitable consequence of this is that Asimut will be overcrowded each day at 21:00, with many students simultaneously trying to bulk-book rooms for the upcoming two days.


3. Health & Safety reason

  • If a medical emergency, accident, or other event of urgent nature were to occur to a student in a room, fellow students would be unable to help since they would not be able to open it from the outside, possibly leading to very unfortunate situations.

****Extra Note: The new ‘rule’ that, officially, practicing in an unreserved room is ‘illegal’ sounds unreasonable and pedantic at best, given that the use of unreserved rooms has never caused disturbances. The excuse that this is done to prevent ‘illegal’ practicing of non-students is also questionable, since such situations can still occur, - when for example, a student makes a reservation for someone else and lets them in with their card during a time that they wouldn’t practice themselves (e.g. off peak hours).

Cases in which non-authorized persons access a room by ‘violating’ the lock in some way are no more prevented by the new system than by the old.****


It is our intention that the students are involved in addressing the above-mentioned problem(s).

Given the opportunity:

As discussed in the CvA Students Facebook group, a concern has been raised for the absence of an internal Student Council/Body for the Conservatory of Amsterdam. In addition to solving the current booking problems, such council could also help in addressing and preventing future problems. Furthermore, we as the students could have a more active role in the developments taking place at the Conservatory of Amsterdam in a transparent and communicative manner.

As an example, we have made a simple draft/scheme on how the student body/council could function (this link -
We hope this petition/letter will bring a change for the better. 

Greetings from 435 (yes, we booked it. Yes, we can enter).

Stephanus Harsono

Nicholas Papadimitriou



This petition made change with 565 supporters!

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