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Plant-based meals to protect the environment

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Dear Conservation Volunteers Australia,

As a concerned Australian citizen, I am writing to encourage you to adopt a plant-based menu policy for your organisation’s events. This means serving only vegetarian or vegan foods during your fundraisers, events, and internal group meals such as staff lunches and barbecues. I believe that a plant-based menu policy lies within your organisation's conservation goal “To increase resilience through the protection, maintenance and restoration of the environment – landscapes, habitats, species and heritage.”

It is well known that animal agriculture degrades and fragments habitat, leading to a loss of biodiversity and hence extinction of species, it uses excessive amounts of precious water resources and pollutes the air and waterways.

Serving animal products at CVA’s events is not a marginal issue. Not addressing the problem is one thing, while actively contributing to it is quite another. Consider the fact that 2/3 of Australian land is used for farming production, with 90 % of that land used for grazing. By withdrawing your consumption and thus demand for animal products, farmed land could become available to CVA to be restored to natural pre-farmed habitat.

Keeping farmed animals and their products on the menu at CVA functions undermines the work of the organisation. It sends an unclear message to supporters and the general public, as the very species and ecosystems CVA is trying to protect are harmed by the industries behind the food CVA is serving. As a leader in the environmental protection movement, CVA is better positioned to lead the local communities toward more sustainable food choices.

Join the number of wildlife and environmental groups who are increasingly adopting plant-based menu policies for official functions. The US organisation The Center for Biological Diversity has created a plant-based menu policy because they “recognize livestock production as one of the greatest threats to wildlife and the planet”.

It is time CVA did the same and worked in full alignment with its core values – not just through project work, but also through a plant-based meal policy.

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