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This is the story about US. Me and my oldest son Kendrick, We are very close, he is my best friend and we tell each other everything. I have 4 children, and i can tell you about each of them but i won't, just know that I know them. Kendrick is the one who don't lie and take his responsibility for his actions. When he got in trouble he always told the truth and receive his punishment. When this incident happen in 2001 he told me Mom, I didn't do that, I would never shoot a child. But see the people who did the shooting actually came there to shoot me and my boys. The shooting was really at me. So why would I be the shooter. I said son please tell me point blank did you do this. And he said Mom I didn't do it. And I beleive him. So here we are 17 years later still fighting for his life. I need my son home, his family needs him home, his brother, his sister, his nieces and nephews need him home. He is such a big influence in their life. For 17 years, he calls on every birthday, every holiday, every special occasion he calls, he motivates them, we miss him with every fiber in US needs his home. His 91 year old grandmother misses his love and his hugs.... Now the STORY in short form....Place: Indianapolis In, date: 2001, Incident: a 12 year old was shot in the back, she said she saw who shot her: my son Kendrick Morris, son got convicted and sentenced to 65 years in prison. UPDATE: The Indiana Innocent Project takes his case, 12 year old now 21 wants to recant her story and say the prosecutor told her to say that she saw my son......went to court and they don't believe her....DENIED.....SO NOW THE ONLY THING LEFT FOR US TO DO IS A SENTENCE MODIFICATION  AND THATS WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT.....PLEASE SIGN AND SUPPORT THIS PETITION ....GOD BLESS EACH ONE OF YOU....WHEREFORE,WE BELIEVE THAT THE PETITIONER INCARCERATED FOR A CRIME HE DIDN'T COMMIT, HAS SERVE IT'S PURPOSE OF REHABILITATION, DETERRENCE AND PUNISHMENT. WE BELIEVE THAT THE PETITIONER KENDRICK S.MORRIS IS READY FOR THIS COURT TO GRANT HIS PETITION FOR A MODIFICATION FO HIS SENTENCE. WE BELIEVE HE DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE TO LIVE HIS LIFE AS A PRODUCTIVE MEMBER OF A LAW ABIDING SOCIETY.


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