Lack of SHS strands offered

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The issue of my campaign is the lack of SHS strands that the school offer. Only STEM, GAS, ABM, and HUMSS are the strands they offer but other students wants home economics strand, information and communication technology strand, agri-fishery arts strand, industrial arts strand, sports track, and arts and design. Some students are forced to pick another strand because they only offer four strands and some are forced to transfer to another school.

For this campaign is for all of the students that are studying in our school but wants to choose between the 6 other strand/track that the school does not offer. With this campaign I will be making blogs about the students that are forced to choose between the four strands. By showing the life of the forced students the school will be warned to add all the other strands tracks they don't offer. It is like the students are being chained to the four strands and don't have any choice but to choose between those strands.

If this campaign that I will be doing will going to be successful students will no longer going to be forced to choose between the four strands. Parents of the students also will no longer need to transfer their children. Choosing the right track/strand will help other student with heir college life.