YOU can save a last historic piece of a by-gone era of the Jersey Shore!!!

YOU can save a last historic piece of a by-gone era of the Jersey Shore!!!

March 3, 2021
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Started by Don Krueger

HELP preserve the last remaining structure of the GOLDEN AGE on Sandy Hook at the birth of the Jersey Shore. Your signature on this petition joins us in our effort to secure political support and stop the eventual demolition of a historic treasure! We request NPS permission to add this house to the Sandy Hook leasing program for renovation as an Airbnb living history experience. Please watch this 1 min. trailer of Sandy Hook’s LOST Highland Beach Resort at:

The necessary first step in this process is to stop the future demolition of this culturally invaluable resource.  If this property is destroyed, there will be no turning back.

 ADD your signature on the petition to Congressman Frank Pallone and NPS Superintendent, Jennifer Nersesian. 

The Highland Beach Excursion Resort was one of the first tourist destinations on the Jersey Shore, opening in the summer of 1888 on Sandy Hook.  At the height of its popularity, the property included restaurants, a hotel, a merry-go-round, a bowling alley, an outdoor movie theater, and a roller coaster.  Over 15,000 people a day visited this resort on busy summer days.  The historic William Sandlass House is the first built and only remaining structure from this grand resort.

Highland Beach, re-named Sandlass Baths, operated until 1962. After 75 years of success, the property and house were transferred to the State of New Jersey through Eminent Domain proceedings and then to the US Department of the Interior in 1979. It’s been maintained by the National Park Service (NPS) ever since.

After SuperStorm Sandy in 2012, the NPS no longer needed the historic house and applied for funding to knock it down.  The last remnant of the grand Highland Beach Excursion Resort, the William Sandlass House now faces ultimate demolition.

We believe that Sandlass House can be restored as an Airbnb living history experience. This will serve as a Beacon of Welcome to Sandy Hook and the Jersey Shore. 

JOIN us in signing the petition to preserve this historic treasure!

We thank you for helping this worthwhile effort!  

To learn more about the resort history, see the recent Community Magazine article at "Once Upon A Time."


This petition made change with 1,849 supporters!

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