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Recognize Chinese American Veterans with the Congressional Gold Medal

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Please support S.1050 and H.R. 2358, “Chinese-American World War II Veteran Congressional Gold Medal Act”, introduced in Congress May 4, 2017, to award a Congressional Gold Medal to Chinese Americans who fought in World War II.

Prior to World War II, the United States was a place of severe and longstanding discrimination, including massacres in some western states, against its Chinese American community. The 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act is our nation’s only immigration law targeting a group based on ethnicity. It wasn't until 1943 that the Chinese Exclusion Act was repealed, with efforts led by the Chinese American Citizens Alliance.

Despite barriers to citizenship and equality, Chinese Americans were patriotic and served our nation, including in every war since the Civil War. In World War II, Chinese Americans volunteered for missions even prior to America’s entry into the war. After the war was formally declared, approximately one-quarter of the Chinese American population than in the U.S. volunteered or were drafted into armed service. Nearly half of them were not even citizens. Yet Chinese Americans served admirably, receiving recognition for their valor.

The U.S. Congress has proudly recognized marginalized groups who fought in World War II with a Congressional Gold Medal. These include Native Americans, African Americans, Japanese Americans, Filipino Americans, and women. We urge Congress to continue this important tradition and recognize the struggles and patriotism of Chinese Americans who fought to liberate Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa and the Middle East and the Pacific from fascism.

Fewer and fewer Chinese American veterans of World War II remain. I urge you to support S.1050 and H.R. 2358 to honor them and their comrades who have passed away.

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