Pass the Hearing Protection Act H.R.367

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This petition is to bring H.R.367 and or H.R. 3139, The Hearing Protection Act of 2017 to the floor to be voted on by congress.  For those of you that are unfamiliar The Hearing and Protection Act would declassify supressors as NFA items thus eliminating the $200 tax stamp.  It would make the purchase just like the purchase of a handgun, (FBI Background Check, possibly proof of a concealed carry permit).  Write your local congressman (or woman) so we can get this bill brought to the floor to be voted on as if we don’t get it to the floor the bill will never get passed.  We shouldn’t have to wait a year or more to purchase what is essentially a metal tube.  This act is great for not only gun owners but non gun owners.  This may include people that live next to gun ranges or people that live in rural areas that constantly hear the sound of gunfire.  Not to mention will the bill will make most firearms hearing safe and protect your health.  Passing this bill will not take any money away from your local schools, transportation or roads, just the ATF by eliminating this tax.

For more information on these bills that need to be brought to the floor to be voted on by your congressman please visit the following:

Also please write your congressman and women for your state.  These letters, emails and phone calls make a big difference!