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Re-do Election 2016 without Russia, Free and Fair

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We the undersigned call for the 2016 Presidential Election to be declared null and void, and demand an immediate, new, Free & Fair, Presidential Election.

This New Election (Election De Novo) is warranted because We The People, confronted by the ugly spectre of the Russian Hacking incident, cannot place faith or confidence in ANY PORTION of the 2016 Election.

We understand that we are not fully informed. The U.S. Intelligence community has divulged so little that we can only speculate on the full extent of the intrusion. However, certain facts are now beyond dispute, and require no speculation: The Russians gained access to RNC and DNC computer systems before the Primaries, and they were able to intercept and leak internal emails. While all of the U.S. Intelligence agencies have presented a unified front with regard to the timing and severity of the hack, they have been unwilling or unable to quantify the full impact.

Given this early-stage access, Russian intruders could have blocked, delayed, rerouted, or fabricated internal messages between high-ranking officials in both major parties. By way of a “butterfly effect”, the earliest manipulations are magnified as they cascade forward, ultimately having such a profound impact on the course of events that nothing about the Election process can be trusted. Today it's impossible to regard even the most basic facets of the 2016 Election as untainted.

This is untenable.

We The People, through our elected members of Congress, must render a vote of No Confidence in Election 2016, and move to Nullify the 2016 Election. To be clear, this means a Nullification of not only the RESULT of the Election, but the ENTIRE Election cycle from start to finish.

It will remain impossible to certify that a Free & Fair Election has taken place until we hold an an entirely fresh election cycle. America deserves, and hereby demands an Election De Novo.

This isn't personal. It isn't about Trump, or his suitability for office, his personal traits, his current or past performance, tweets, tax returns, or anything else that people are endlessly angry about. We just need to fix a broken thing, without distraction or delay. For the immediate purpose, it is unimportant to affix blame, or identify who acted in collusion with Russian agents. Those matters are a separate inquiry, potentially leading to charges of Treason. But even without any of that being settled, we have ample justification in hand to fix the most blighted election America has seen for generations.

The simple fact is, Russia broke the election. We urgently need to acknowledge their small victory in this regard and move past it. Better to acknowledge the disease vector that Putin injected into our democracy, to take this inoculation and build our resistance against it, than to let the malaise linger unchecked, undiagnosed, with no cure in sight. We must be quick to restore faith in a broken democratic process, and begin healing. Today we meet an opportunity to strengthen Democracy instead of allowing a fatally flawed election to stand unchallenged. Today we must rise above villainy and treachery.

We have today an opportunity to make the Election process better than ever. All Americans can and should rally behind the project of fixing security gaps and shoring up the process against Russian espionage and interference. By focusing our discourse on foreign meddling, rather than partisan politics, we have an opportunity to move beyond the hatred and recriminations that have characterized this election cycle. Meanwhile, the safeguards we devise to thwart interference by foreign nationals can also defend against internal corruption.

We can fix this. We must fix this.

Our situation today is unprecedented in United States history, but mirrors a fitting precedent in the “Snap Elections” conducted by the Philippines at the behest of Ronald Reagan (among other world leaders) when the 1985 election between Corizon Aquino and Ferdinand Marcos was marred by persistent allegations of fraud and the threat of ongoing violence. The United States gave sage advice then, setting their nation on a better course. Now we need the same.

The government of the United States of America is Constitutionally bound and obligated to hold Free & Fair elections, yet we know for a certainty that this promise was thwarted by external factors throughout Election 2016.

For appropriate relief to the current situation, the undersigned demand that:

  • Congress must set aside the entirety of Election 2016.
  • Congress must name an interim acting President.
  • Congress must formulate, then initiate, some mechanism for conducting an Election De Novo. This Election De Novo must reset the election process to the very beginning, inviting new nominations and a completely fresh roster of Candidates. Whether the new roster includes any names from the prior list is for each party to decide in their own best interest.
  • Congress must create an Election Reform subcommittee. The committee should solicit opinions from independent IT experts, host Town Hall meetings to incorporate suggestions from the General Public, and formulate an internet-savvy process for conducting elections SECURELY.

[co-authored by Perry Hoberman & Greg Kendall]

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