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Prohibit the TV advertising of prescription drugs

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The cost of prescription drugs
We have a government that considers "regulation" a bad word.
On the other hand, every politician complains about the health care cost and as part of that, the cost of medicines.
However it seems they only listen to the big pharmaceutical lobby and who contributes more to their campaign.
The cost of raw materials and labor, is probably no more than 5% of the total cost of a pharmaceutical product, the rest of the cost is "Promotion and advertising", and several years back when the government authorized the advertising of prescription drugs on TV the whole price of drugs skyrocketed.
The idea behind "ask your Dr is "soso drug is good for your health" is an insult to the medical profession and the consumer.
Pharmaceutical companies already promote their products to doctors, pay their trips to conventions, seminars and even for vacation, and if the Dr is an opinion leader in his field he gets other benefits too.
The Insurance companies are not free of charge in this drug price apocalypses. Remember when a generic was really cheaper than the brand name of a drug? Now, some insurance companies have created a category of "NP generic" that translated to the consumer means, "non-preferred generic" so you continue paying the brand name price, that of course, now it is twice as much.
The Health Care System in our country is totally out of hand, nobody understand how the health care providers price their services, being a hospital, urgent care facility or a personal medical practice.
A good first step will be to ban the TV advertising of prescription drugs.
Let's see if our Senators and House Representatives do something about it.


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