Allow Nanny Cams to Protect Our Children

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It all started when my 2-year-old was uncontrollably crying every single night, wetting the bed and refusing to eat. He became very jumpy around people.

When I noticed this change of behavior, I asked the babysitter if everything was okay and of course made sure she was still comfortable watching my son. She always said everything was fine and reassured me that she was taking good care of him.

We took him to the doctor multiple times, and doctors told us his behavior was normal for his age.

A few weeks went by and the odd behavior continued especially when it came to dropping and picking him up from the babysitter. So I decided to put a nanny cam in his lunch bag to see if anything was happening at the babysitter's house while we were at work.

After scrolling through the footage, we found out that my 2-year-old had been abused by our babysitter. She left him crying minutes upon minutes, and then shook him violently until he passed out.
She also let another 8-year-old child she was babysitting harm him, twisting his arms and legs, and stepping on his little knee. She neglected to do anything.

No child should ever have to go through this, especially if they aren't able to defend themselves.

We would've never found out the truth of what was happening if the nanny cam wasn't there.

All the behavior concerns would've been left unsolved and could've lost him, finding out after it was too late.

The nanny cam helped us get to the bottom of the issues that we've been trying to solve for months- issues that would've never crossed the minds of medical professionals.

If we didn't take matters into our own hands, my son might not be with us today, but now he is safe and sound and it's all because of the nanny cam.

Please help keep our kids safe and help me pass a law to allow nanny cams in Florida!