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This petition is going to be delivered to the judge in Joohoon David Lee's case on May 23rd.  The below is why:

In 2006, I was approached by a man in a 12 step meeting everyone in Las Vegas knew that I went to regularly.  Everyone also knew I was the founder of Sex Workers Anonymous in 1987.  That I had created this program because I had once been a notorious "madam", escort and "career criminal" according to the DA at my sentencing hearing who told the court "people like her never change".  

Ironically, I wasn't arrested for my actual crimes, but for the first safe house for adult sex trafficking victims in the USA I'd created in a warehouse because no one would admit us anywhere back then into drug treatment programs, or even homeless or domestic violence shelters, for fear of HIV/AIDS back then, as well as the fact the world didn't recognize sex trafficking was "real".

 You can read about this at newsclip The pimp of a woman I'd rescued was angry and called the police claiming I was "running a brothel".  She was on probation for prostitution when the police showed up and so I was the one arrested.   It was cleared up when she testified against him and those charges were dropped - but I realized something needed to still be done.  Thus Sex Workers Anonymous the 12 step program, and the hotline, were born in 1987.

In these traffickers warped mind, they had heard wind through the grapevine of their informants in this other 12 step program for drugs my husband had just left me, my mother was dying, I had a sick kid, plus I was recovering from a stroke. Therefore in their mind, I was out of work, broke, and probably desperate for money.   So thinking I would be "prime" for a "relapse" they thought they could entice me out of "retirement" to come to work for their criminal operation.  So a man was sent after me to introduce himself  as what appeared to be a friend at first, then as a romantic interest.  

After being involved with him for about six months, he sprung on me what kind of work he was "really" involved in, as well as what his many friends in law enforcement also did as a "sideline" for money and kicks.  He thought if he showed me how "fool proof" their operation was - that I'd become a part of it.

Instead, I took down names, addresses, how the network operated, and then took the whole file to the then Chief of Police for Las Vegas to have investigated. Of course I also moved and broke off ties with the young man.  The young man then found out where I lived, then broke into my home while I was at work, and sexually assaulted my daughter.  

Then he dared me to call these same police on him knowing this would trigger my daughter then put into a full-time residential care program where she'd then be trafficked right out of it herself. We were lucky to have a great therapist we found for her who fought the system to treat her AND keep her out of that whole "system".  It cost him his license for a year but that's another story.

When I turned the information over to the Chief, everything was cleaned out by the next morning.  All evidence was wiped out.  The only thing left was the Chinese operation. That was impossible to infiltrate as they were only seeing "johns" who came into the airport from China, showed an airline ticket from China to cab drivers, and operating out of a private home so there was no way to get anyone "undercover" into the operation.  

This ring also used police, sheriff's, etc., to transport their drugs, guns, and even the women forced to work as prostitutes in these houses.  After we saw what happened when I went to the police - we figured the only way to get these women help was to bring in the media on the same day I knew they'd have police in Las Vegas "making a drop".  

This became "Operation Dollhouse".  Note Greg Munks was one of two cops arrested that day, but then let go.  The victims were not held to be questioned by ICE as required by law, but instead sent right back home with the pimps.

The police also refused to let me speak to them, nor the director of ATLAS, the trafficking program set up by the Salvation Army.  Greg Munks was also a member of the trafficking task force and he's also connected to the case involving Paul Tanaka in Los Angeles who has been involved also in a corruption case himself.  If the cops were innocent, then why were we not allowed to speak those women by the arresting officers?

Now the police did arrest Chris Butler, along with another cop for being involved in trafficking of women here in this case - but note Chris was a "retired" cop.  The other cop who was still active was charged with drug charges - not sex trafficking.  

I didn't start the sex trafficking movement to have pimps arrested. We had laws on the books to deal with pimps back in the 1980's.  If you had a man forcing you into prostitution in the 1980's - guess what? You called 911 and problem solved.

Dealing with this didn't require a whole movement to be born which led to the Trafficking Act of 2000.  What we didn't have however was a recognition of the fact some of us were being forced not only on US soil to be in sex work, not only American men and women, but also the fact sometimes the pimps were men in uniforms or in authority.  

Then what? Who do you call when you can't call the cops?  THAT'S what we were trying to get recognized, laws written, and a solution found for US.  What does Polaris do when a victim of trafficking calls up for help? They refer them to the local trafficking task force.  

Now please note Greg Munks WAS the trafficking task force.  What happened when he was caught "red handed" standing right in the house with these women, bags of drugs, and mattresses on the floor? 


Now I ask you - how am I supposed to help those 24 women when the police LITERALLY sent them back home with the pimps INSTEAD of allowing them to come with either our program, or ATLAS, or both?  I';m now not speaking about the two officers caught in this raid. I'm speaking about the officers WHO SENT THOSE WOMEN BACK INTO THAT SITUATION. Who refused to allow them to speak not only to our group, but also to ATLAS.

Since 2007, I've been trying to get the authorities to listen to our members complain they were being trafficked, and threatened, by men on the trafficking task force in Arizona.  I was threatened when I'd announce I was coming to Phoenix to work with local members.  Our group was completely shut out of the AZ local trafficking task force.  Then we read about Officer Armendariz who was found dead before he could testify in his corruption hearing. 

When we heard about the "largest bust in history" we contacted the prosecutor's office to offer our group's help to the victims. For the first time  since we launched in 1987, we were blocked from speaking to them.  After asking a lot of questions, we believed the case was "faked" and tried making people aware of this only to once again be accused of being "crazy". Do you know how crazy it sounded at the time  to say "the whole system was involved in a fraud"? But now we see that's exactly what happened. 

Yet here we have again a case of people in authority not only being a part of the actual sex trafficking, but further of going after INNOCENT people which takes away from the prosecution of the real traffickers let go in the process. Now are people like Heather Weyker being charged?  NO.

In Ohio, Rep. Rob Portman goes in and "re" rescues trafficking victims who were trafficked right out of the trafficking safe houses.   Which is awesome - but where are the arrests of those RESPONSIBLE?

In 2013, I had a Chinese woman living in Pasadena tell me when she told this same ring she wanted to "retire" after being trafficked by them for over 40 years now - she told me she was drug out of her house by two uniformed cops, then charged falsely with two prostitution cases.  They then told her if she didn't "get back to work" they'd give her a third charge and then see to it she was deported through their connections with ICE, and then upon return to China she'd get the death penalty with their connections back there.  

This was years before these men who were part of the Chinese government were arrested meaning they had the people in place to carry out this threat at that time.

Six months after she called me - her ex-husband was then involved in these arrests in Wichita.

I didn't know if she was telling me the truth so I hired an attorney.  This attorney told me anyone "really" arrested would have a booking video so he would just order it.  He did and both he and I were threatened by both the Pasadena police and an attorney to "back off".  

I refused and told the woman what had just happened. I then promptly got a phone call from a man identifying himself as a Pasadena officer, calling me from a Pasadena phone number that rang back at the station, to "back off" or I'd be charged with stalking if  I spoke to this woman again reaching out to us for help.  So I'm now being threatened by police for taking calls into our hotline?

She then was told by the ring's attorney they had cleared her record and there was no need to speak to our group for help again.  Only they hadn't.  These charges were still showing on her record. When I went to her to show her they had lied to her, I got another call from this attorney threatening me again to "back off or else".  

Now how am I supposed to help a woman leave sex work when we're both being threatened by cop and lawyers?  Turn to the trafficking task force right?  So I contacted the nearest task force, Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force.

Only they ignored me.  But interestingly a member of their task force didn't.  She then started asking people online where I lived so she could have me arrested for stalking her!  When I contacted her and let her know this would be a hard case to make stick considering I didn't even know her, let alone had I stalked her, she then changed the accusation to that of being "5150".  

Again asking people online if anyone knew where I lived so I could be drug off on a 5150 charge.  After serving her with a threat to sue her for defamation if she didn't knock this off - she backed up.  

But then a private investigator from San Mateo, who was on the same task force as Greg Munks, started going online telling anyone I was speaking to on Linkedin I was not only "crazy" and should be drug off, but also then contacted groups we used to help us do rescues like the "Defenders" and told them if they "valued their reputation they'd not even speak to us" let alone help us on cases like this womans'. So now I have PI's threatening the people who help us do rescues?

Now I'm not going to go into the Pasadena station to speak to their Chief about this while I'm having two investigators trying to build a case to have me drug off on a 5150 charge at the same exact time - so I instead filed a complaint with Internal Affairs.  

Only to be ignored. That's because they were ignoring any complaints not coming from the Neighborhood Watch I guess.  Only these men were doing more than rape. TELL ME HOW DO YOU QUIT PROSTITUTION WHEN YOU HAVE A COP FORCING YOU TO BE AN INFORMANT?


So I took another route and wrote in to the LAX transportation security that women were being brought in from China to be trafficked and to be on the alert.   They heard me alright - and started trafficking women in from Korea instead, who were escorted past LAX security, Homeland Security, ICE, etc., by a Homeland Security-ICE officer himself personally.

Now during this time I'm writing to Daniel Bogden asking for what  can be done about this.  I wrote him, Diane Feinstein, John Kerry, Rob Portman, Loretta Lynch, Kamala Harris, and anyone and everyone I could think of saying they are fighting sex trafficking.

Only to be ignored.   Not even a return phone call.

So I read the Office of Professional Responsibility was who you complained about Homeland Security to as like their Internal Affairs.  Not that this got me anywhere.  I filed a complaint against Lt. Karen Hughes for example - and she just steps down.  End of investigation.  

I complained against Chief Gillispie.  He just steps down.  

I complained about Kamala Harris and she announces she's running for Senate.  

I complained about Assemblyman John Hambrick and he's made Speaker of the House.  

So I made a complaint to the Office of Professional Responsibility.  A year later, Joohoon David Lee is arrested.

Now read what this guy did.   He charged an innocent family with trafficking.  Put an ankle bracelet on the wife's leg for months.   Let the REAL traffickers operate without a problem.  He PERSONALLY escorted women from Korea into the US to be trafficked to get them past security at the airport.

You know the people all trained how to spot a trafficking victim by Polaris.  I don't think Polaris included a page in their manual on spotting trafficking victims on  what to do when it's ICE-Homeland Security walking the victim in through the airport.  (Which is why I've also complained loudly about why we're not included in the preparation of training materials.  Because not a one of them include identifying victims who are being trafficked by anyone in an office of authority such as Homeland Security, ICE, the Police, etc.)

Now we got this guy Joohoon David Lee dead to rights right?  Only guess what he's being charged with?  



Because you can't charge a guy in active duty with Homeland Security with sex trafficking.

NOW maybe you have an idea why people are trying to keep our group off the Congress floor, and from being included on policy committees advising on laws to write concerning sex trafficking.  

Because one of the first laws we'd write is that when someone in authority in this country who is in an office where victims are supposed to be able to turn for help when being trafficked should not only be charged for that crime, and maybe more like as what happens when someone does a hate crime, but I also think they should not only lose their pension, but further I don't think they should be allowed to run for another political office as we witnessed Greg Munks doing right after Operation Dollhouse when he ran for office, and I also don't think they should be allowed to solicit campaign contributions either.  

I mean look at what happened with Eliot Spitzer when all he got was a slap on the wrists. In Eliot's case, this poor woman had to LEAVE THE COUNTRY to be safe from his reach.  I don't think he's in any position to be writing laws about sex trafficking when HE'S INVOLVED.  

And don't tell me his involvement had nothing to do with why our members were blocked from the same committee's he was on at the same time when he was passing laws on trafficking.

So tell Congress enough is enough.  Not only should traffickers be charged with the crime they commit while in office or in uniform, but they should further lose their pensions, be blocked from running for office in the future, and from taking campaign contributions. Otherwise, you're INVITING traffickers to deliberately take jobs in these offices to AVOID PROSECUTION.  Or if caught - they just keep their pension and then run for another office!

Further, look at what's happened when members of the oldest and largest group of survivors who started this movement is excluded from the law making table.  It's like hiring convicted pedophiles to run a daycare.

It's insane.  You don't exclude Bill Wilson or Alcoholics Anonymous from being involved in laws and training of people when it comes to alcoholism.  So why are they doing it here with respect to sex trafficking?

It's time logic is used here and we've included in this process again or more of this is going to happen.

We need to have victims know they can call for help from the authorities and get it. Not be handed right back to their traffickers.  

Enough.  Sign the petition and stop this insanity.


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