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Ask Barrack Obama to step down

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We are a country of freedom and our Constitution and Bill of Rights are based on freedom.  The Islamic state also known as ISIS is a threat to our security Obama has proven his support of the Islamic state through his repeated politicizing and inaction for the many brutalities of the Islamic Caliphate known as ISIS.
Truly a supposed leader golfing, speaking out against Christians, and speaking out only when it serves his own Islamic interests is a total indication of the character we the people are dealing with!  His behavior is baffling, and unbecoming of a world leader to say the least.

We are also aware that the Quran does not support laws written or established by any country but demands it's denizens to support sharia law.  Sharia law is the law of Islam as told to a supposed prophet and is brutal and totalitarian to say the least.  

Obama was sworn in and in his oath swore allegiance swore he’d uphold the Constitution of the United States and would be impossible for someone practicing Islam.  Obama’s promises mean nothing as his religion tells him it’s okay to lie to non Muslims.   Obama's unfit for office because he cannot keep his oath as commander and chief of the United States Armed Forces as he serves the Islamic state and not the United States.  

His oath of office is questionable at best, as he cannot, according to his Muslim religion keep his Presidency cohesive due to his conflict of interest.  Please sign this petition and let's get him out of office.  Thank you. 

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