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Foster care system

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Foster care isn't all what people make it out to be children in foster care still get abuse ,neglected,raped,killed and so one no child should go through this .i believe more training and house visits should be done and when I child  presents a problem action should be taken  immediately  and figure what is happening inside the house hold .The money given to the foster parents should have a set amount in which the child is required to receive because most foster parents don't spend a lick of the money on us foster kids but on themselves and their kids . I have been in foster care for 3years due to neglect and abuse within my birth family it isn't easy for kids to be thrown home from home and be expected to pass school and not have social problems and to not get in trouble because they are lost at words and actions for what has happened to them and to feel loved by their new family because half the time you don't get treated like family I can say that I have been placed in a decent home but it's not the place I would like to be I feel if there is family or family friends who are willing to take on a child before being place in a foster home then that should be the child's choice and the parents have no say because after all that's the whole reason half the kids are in care .i would rather be placed with someone I know then a complete stranger and it would help keep kids out of foster care .please help make a few of theses things possible 

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