Decision Maker Response

Joel Sipress’s response

Joel Sipress
Council President, Duluth City Council

Feb 3, 2017 — Dear members of the Congdon hockey community,

Thanks for contacting me regarding your concerns. Having just recently finished up my service as City Council liaison to the Parks Commission, I've followed the issues regarding Lower Chester closely, and have had the chance to discuss them with representatives of the Congdon Park Hockey group, the Neighbors of Lower Chester group, and with city parks staff.

Please be assured that I am supportive of the Congdon hockey program remaining at Lower Chester, as are our parks staff. I do know that there have been some tensions between the Congdon Park Hockey group and the Neighbors of Lower Chester group, but I am optimistic that these tensions can be resolved.

The city's Parks Division is about to launch a planning process for Lower Chester Park. One of the goals of this planning process is to look for ways that the needs of Congdon Park Hockey can be reconciled with the ideas that Neighbors of Lower Chester have for making Lower Chester a more vibrant year-round neighborhood park. It is my hope that everyone enters the planning process with open minds and open hearts looking for solutions that meet the needs and desires of both groups.

With best wishes,

Joel Sipress
Duluth City Councilor - Second District