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Support Baby Noah's Right To Stay With Jackie M At The Markets


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My Down Syndrome child, Noah, is classified as severely disabled, but he's happiest when he's with me and he loves being outdoors at the markets where I run a food stall. Noah is safe in a cot and gets plenty of breaks throughout the day, and I also hire an extra staff to be on hand in case he needs attention. This is not adequate for some members of the public who have spent years trying to have him removed from my market stall.

These anonymous campaigners don't engage me directly but try to get petitions to have him removed, and most recently one lodged a police report against me for (presumably) child abuse. The police came and saw no wrongdoing. I don't know the motivations of these people but the bottom line is that it is discrimination against my child's disability, not to mention a threat to my livelihood. 

Please sign this petition to show your support for Noah's right to stay with me (he only does so during the school holidays, ie. a handful of days a year) so that the market organisers may not be inclined to have me removed from this one last weekly market I still trade at.

I've started a blog at and will post more about the story there.

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