Remove part time principal position at Sheldon Woods Elementary, replace with full time

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Sheldon Woods has numerous unresolved issues. Bullying, nonstop bus issues, our classrooms are not learning environments due to the lack of leadership and availability of a principal. The secretary is often filling that capacity or students are left/returned to classrooms when they should not be due to no other options available. The kindergarten class has too many students, disruptive behavior daily, violence daily, and yet we still do not have another full time teacher for that classroom. Our students deserve a full time principal just like every other West Ottawa Elementary School. If the district does not believe so, then take action to close Sheldon Woods and bus our students to a school where they are provided with the correct staff to be able to properly learn. Parents are having to transport their kids more than ever due to the bussing being unsafe and unresolved issues. Many current Sheldon Woods Students are choosing to leave at the end of this school year. Many students within the school area have decided to go somewhere else rather than attempting a kindergarten year at Sheldon Woods. We deserve change, our students deserve change, every skilled teacher and staff member deserves change at Sheldon Woods. 

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